March Clothing Budget

After just 3 purchases in February, this month’s budget is quite a contrast, with 8 items added to my wardrobe. However, they were all great deals, and the most expensive item I got was $40, which isn’t bad. Here’s what I bought.

{what I bought: March 2016}

ThredUp – Merona red striped top: $8
ThredUp – Zoa print blouse: $25 (worn here)
Nickel and Suede – Medium Leather Earrings in OLM Blush: $18 (purchased at the very end of February at the Earring of the Month discount price)
Old Navy – blue stripe fit and flare dress: $15 (worn here)
Old Navy – coral floral zipper clutch: $5
Gap – coral cardigan: $40 (worn here)
Target – Merona striped wedges: $25

Total spent: $136

I think I got a lot for my money this month. All of these items will take me into spring, and I was able to check a few things off my “need” list, like a zipper pouch for my purse (the zipper broke on my old one) and wedge sandals. Next month I’m going to keep an eye out for a pretty white top and a floral skirt, like I shared on my spring wishlist post.

This month, I also received some jewelry from Uncommon Goods for partnering with them for a blog post.

{What I bought for Jona: March 2016}

Old Navy – blue print button-up with tie: $12 (all items worn here)
Old Navy – coral khaki pants: $10
Old Navy – chambray sneakers: $12

Total spent: $34

Do you see a theme here? I swear I do buy Jona’s clothes from places other than Old Navy, but there is one dangerously close to where we live now, so it’s all too convenient. Plus, when I was looking for an Easter outfit for him, I knew they wouldn’t let me down. Next month I’m looking forward to shopping for some spring clothes for him, and maybe some sunglasses since I can’t for the life of me find his pair.

Did you buy anything fun this month?

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