Goals for March and a February Goal Review

Each month I share my goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here's this month's recap and the next month's set of goals for my home, my blog, and my family or personal life. 

February Recap:


1. Sell old phones, old text books, and other items for extra money. Yes, I totally did this! I sold some old phones  through MaxBack, textbooks through BookByte, and other books to the Half Price Book Store and made a total of $230. Not bad!

2. Begin decorating upstairs living room. While I've been storing up ideas for decorating, I haven't actually started yet. I do have a plan though, and hopefully by next weekend we'll start by getting some painting done. 

3. File paperwork. Yes, nothing says Friday night like sorting through a box of paperwork... It may not have been the most exciting evening, but we got it done. 


1. Perfect my "elevator pitch" to explain my blog to people I meet. Yes! I haven't had much of an opportunity to use it yet, but here's my spiel: I write a blog that helps busy women live and dress more creatively without blowing their budget. I give them easy outfit formulas, recipes to try, and other attainable, affordable ideas.

2. Compile reader survey results and plan posts based on results. Yes, after thoroughly going through the spreadsheet of all the responses, I made a list of blog post ideas to try as well as other ways to improve.

3. Grow my Pinterest following and make current and past post more Pin-able. I have been working on Pinterest, but one thing I did was consolidate some of my boards (for example, I don’t need 4 boards about spring fashion). In turn, that brought my followers number down significantly. Boo. I said last month I’d like to reach 1,000 followers, and that number seemed realistic given my pre-consolidation numbers--now it’s a much loftier goal.

{Fun / Family}

1. Donate blood at church blood drive. I did plan to do this, but it just didn’t end up working out with my work and daycare pick-up schedule. Next time, I hope!

2. Have at least 2 date nights. Sadly, no. We had a nice stay-in Valentine’s Day dinner, but otherwise we didn’t really have any dates. Unless you count filing paperwork together as a date.  

3. Make Valentines for Jona's friends at daycare. I did do this one. I made bird seed hearts that you can read about here.

March goals:


1. Paint living room and hang crown molding. I’m aiming high here, but honestly I’ll be happy if we can at least get it painted. I’m sick of looking at the former owners’ crappy touch-up jobs.

2. Organize desk area. Our office does double duty as a guest bedroom, and it’s become a dumping ground for all the random stuff in our house. In order to make me want to actually use it as an office, I’ve got to get it looking more organized, pretty, and functional.


1. Be more organized about participating in blog linkups. I’ve met a lot of bloggers through the weekly blog linkups I participate in. However, because there are so many linkups out there, it can be difficult to keep them all straight and actually participate in the right ones on the right days. I’ve thought about adding a “where I link up” page to my blog, but I’m not sure. How do you all handle linkups?

2. Use twitter more regularly, not only to share my own content, but to share others' content as well. Again, with the twitter. It’s a constant struggle.

3. Figure out how to use my tripod/remote and use it for at least one blog post. My husband has been taking my outfit shots for the past 6 (!) years, but he has a very full plate with grad school and various sports that he assists with at his school. I bought a tripod and remote last month to relieve him of his photographer role, but I haven’t yet used them.

{Fun / Family}

1. Have at least 2 date nights. I mean it this time.

2. Get decent Easter pictures as a family. The tripod should help. In last year’s picture, I cut off the tops of all of our heads.

3. Figure out how to download audiobooks from the library. As an avid reader and library user, is it sad that I don’t know how to do this? 

What are some of your goals this month? 

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