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Even with the “bonus day” this month, February still sped right on by. Typically by now I’m grumbling about the cold and cursing my boots and sweaters, but this month’s weather was actually pretty fantastic. So good that I’m a little nervous about what March will bring.

As always, I’m joining Anne and Jenna to share what I’m currently

{wishing} for a shopping day. In my pre-mom days, I remember it being no big deal to spend a Saturday hitting the stores with friends. Now, shopping (not of the grocery variety) gets squeezed in between other errands if I’m lucky, and more often happens primarily online. I’m sure my friends feel the same way, so we may have to plan a girls day out this month.

{craving} white pizza with greens.  Typically when we have pizza night at home, I make something that everyone can agree on, like pepperoni. However, sometimes I’m in the mood for something different. Neither Aaron nor Jona would touch it, but this white pizza piled high with lemony arugula looks so fresh, delicious, and spring-like to me.

{going} on a paint-buying mission. I see a lot of trips to the Home Depot in my future, as we paint our living room and add crown molding. I’m looking forward to the finished product, but I dread all the taping and prep work. That’s the worst!

{wearing} stripes on repeat. Stripes are to my closet what ice cream is to my freezer—I can never have enough! My stripes devotion is evidenced by my daily outfits on Instagram; just about every other day I’ve got some sort of stripe action happening. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

{learning} all about habits and vulnerability. As a rather devoted lover of fiction, I recently shook up my reading routine a bit by reading two non-fiction books in the past month. The first was Better than Before by Gretchin Rubin (whose Happier podcast I’m pretty obsessed with), which is all about habits. The second was Daring Greatly by BrenĂ© Brown, which is about embracing vulnerability. I'm still reading Daring Greatly, but I'll share my thoughts on Better than Before in Friday's book post. 

What are you up to currently? 

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  1. Oh my white pizza sounds so good right about now I wonder if I could find me one for lunch, LOL! I shopping day sounds wonderful, I'm finally off my spending freeze and I think there's a lot of good sales out there right now! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday


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