My Budget Home: Living Room

I’ve mentioned before that one of my goals is to get our house (new to us as of October) decorated, room by room. I tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to all things home décor, but I think if I focus on one room at a time I have a better chance of not throwing my hands up in the air.

I’m going to start with our upstairs living room, because it’s a space that’s currently being under-utilized. As of now there’s nothing in it but a piano, a bookshelf, and an ugly side table. I’d like to turn it into an actual living space that can be used an alternative to our den / TV room downstairs.

While perusing my Pinterest boards, I found two inspiration photos that convey the color scheme and feel that I would like for the room. 

images via Design Sponge and A Cup of Jo

Before I can do the fun stuff (buy furniture and décor) we have to paint and hang crown molding, but I can’t help but get ahead of myself and find a few things I’d love to add to the space. We’re painting the walls a soft off-white, the trim is white, and the floors are hardwood. Here are a few items I’d love to complete the space. I tried to find things as budget-friendly as possible, since that’s my reality. (I also see a lot of Craigslist and garage sales in my future…) 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

What does your dream living room look like? 

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  1. I really love your strategy of going room by room. Our living room walls are the color of that couch so I think they're bold enough that we have to be careful with everything else to prevent it from feeling like we went overboard. But I think I would want to be clean and simple (which is not the current state haha!) to be the way our space is decorated.

    Good luck on the project and on your hunt for budget friendly pieces!!


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