5 Places to Take Kids in Kansas City (for Spring Break or Any Time)

I'm joining Kiki at In Its Time for The Circle linkup, where we're sharing spring break plans and goals. I don't have a spring break, but these are destinations I'd love to take Jona in the coming year or two. 

As a working mom with the same schedule Monday through Friday, it can be easy to get stuck in the same routine, even on weekends. However, Kansas City has so much to offer, especially when it comes to great destinations for kids. There are several places I've been wanting to take Jona, and spring seems like the perfect time to go.

{5 Places to Take Kids in Kansas City}

{one} Kaleidoscope at Hallmark. Kaleidoscope was created by Hallmark Cards, and it is a place where children can create art projects using various supplies from Hallmark's production process. I remember going as a child and having so much fun crafting with the numerous and varied supplies they offered. It doesn't cost any money to go, and it's open to kids of all ages. I think Jona would have a great time there!

{two} Science City at Union Station. Science City is a science museum that's designed for kids of all ages to experience hands-on.  They have a wide range of exhibits, from a junior scientist "kinder lab" to a center that's all about genetics. Jona is still a bit young to enjoy all Science City has to offer, but in another year or two I think he will love it.

{three} Wonderscope Children's Museum. Wonderscope is an interactive children's museum that offers numerous activities for young children. They have several exhibits, including a water play room, a veterinary room, a "tinker space" with various building materials, and even an area for babies. I went with Jona and his cousins when he was just a baby, but I'm looking forward to taking him back now that he's old enough to explore.

{four} Sea Life Aquarium. At Sea Life, kids can see a wide variety of aquatic life in aquariums and live shows. They also have an area where you can touch a crab or a starfish. I went with family before Jona was born, and the kids we took loved it. I'm looking forward to taking Jona there too.

{five} Mahaffie House Stagecoach and Historic Site. The Mahaffie House is a farmhouse where visitors can experience what farming and frontier life was like in the 1860s. While there, kids can see the farm in action, from the crops and farm implements to the animal pens. Because this is a (mostly) outdoor destination, this would be perfect for the spring. I think Jona would like running around and exploring here. 

Kansas City mamas, do you have any places you would add to this list? If you're not from Kansas City, let me know somewhere I should take Jona if we ever come visit your city! 

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  1. You have so many fun things to do around there! Our spring break is coming up in each of our boys is going somewhere different so husband and I will practice being empty-nesters, LOL!


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