$10 at Target: Beauty and Office Supplies

I am, literally (love you and your 5% savings, Red Card), a card-carrying member of the “I love Target” club. The Cartwheel app frequently pats me on the back with my big-saver status, so I try to focus on those savings rather than on percentage of my paycheck that goes there each month (not sure I want to know).

Therefore, when some blog buddies started a $10 to Target linkup I had to join in the fun. It’s a simple concept: give yourself ten bucks to spend at Target and share what you find. Since I loved seeing others’ purchases, I knew I’d have just as much fun sharing mine.

{what I bought}

Sticky notes: $1 | blank journal: $1

I went a little over, $10.93 including tax, but not bad. I know I'll use all of these things, so it was $10 well spent. 

What was your most recent Target purchase? 

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