Stitch Fix Review: My February Fix

It's been a while since I last had a Stitch Fix delivery, so I decided this month it would be just the thing to cheer up my winter wardrobe a little. I am a lover of classic pieces and can easily fall into the habit of buying nothing but basics. I like Stitch Fix because they always send fun, unique pieces mixed in with more classic items.

Here's what was in my February fix:

{one} Zad - Martin Mini Layered Metal Cuff: $28

I don't own a lot of bracelets, because I usually find them to be uncomfortable. I have to really love a bracelet to wear it regularly, and unfortunately this one didn't make the cut. I liked the mixed metals and the simple design, but I just don't see myself wearing it often.

Verdict: Return.

{two} Market and Spruce - Wilco Solid Quilted Vest, Small: $68

I loved this vest. The fit was perfect and it wasn't too thin or too bulky. However, I already have two quilted vests, plus a green cargo vest. While I could see myself getting a lot of wear out of it, I just couldn't justify spending $68 on an item I don't really need. I may regret sending this one back though!

Verdict: return, reluctantly.

{three} Market and Spruce - Colibri Polka Dot Print Top, Small: $48

I loved this top when I saw it in the box and I feel like it really suits my style. At first when I tried it on, I wasn't sure about the length, but I realized that it will work both tunic-style and tucked in. I actually already have a navy polka dot shirt, but it's getting really worn out. While it's kind of boring to replace it with an item that's so similar, I know I will wear it a lot.

Verdict: Keep.

{four} Level 99 - Hayden Denim Pencil Skirt, 6: $108

I requested a denim pencil skirt in my fix, so I appreciated that my stylist listened to that and put one in. However, this one isn't quite right for me. It doesn't fit correctly and I don't love the length. I'm actually relieved that it didn't work, because $108 is quite a bit above what I would normally spend on a skirt. It's quite a bit above what I spend on most things! (My stylist did say that she chose it despite the price because it is such a classic piece, so I like that she did acknowledge my budget. The other items were much more reasonable.) This one came really close, but my hunt for the perfect denim pencil skirt continues.

Verdict: Return.

{five} Brixon Ivy - Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan, Small: $68

This is another item I requested; I've been looking for a thick, cozy cardigan for layering. I wanted a neutral color too, so in theory this sweater is perfect. Unfortunately, this particular sweater wasn't quite right. It had pockets that to me looked a little funny, and I didn't love the pattern of the cable knit. Aaron even said it looked a little grandma-ish, and he rarely makes comments (good or bad) about what I wear.

Verdict: Return.

Overall, I think my stylist did a good job selecting items that I liked and really listened to my requests. One of the drawbacks of a service like this (and with shopping online in general) is that you can't try anything on before it comes, so fit can often be an issue. I do like the selection of clothes and the element of surprise with Stitch Fix enough to make me want to continue to sign up for more deliveries. I'm also really happy with the top that I'm keeping this go-round.

Have you tried Stitch Fix or any other subscription boxes? What do you think about them? 

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix. However, if you sign up using my link I will get a referral credit. 

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  1. I think you look adorable and all these but I think you made a good choice in what you kept! I have never tried stitch fix but I've heard so many bloggers talk about it and it sounds like it would be a lot of fun! That's what I like about subscription boxes of items, just the anticipation and the fun of getting something in the mail every month can make a girl smile! Hope you're having a wonderful day


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