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Today I’m joining Kiki at In Its Time for her monthly The Circle linkup. This month’s theme is all about spreading the love in the blogging community. 

I wanted to spread the love today by sharing a few of my favorite reads with you, some old and some new. With hundreds of blogs in my Feedly, it would be impossible to share all the blogs I love with you, so I’m just choosing a handful of favorites.

{my blogger crush} Do you have that one blogger whose blog you read daily and whose content you pin like crazy? Someone who, when you read her posts, you nod along, and if given a chance to meet her, you would go completely fangirl over? For me, that blogger is Janssen of Everyday Reading. She blogs about so many things near and dear to my heart: reading, family, food, and budget-friendly living.  

{blogger with heart} It was probably about a year ago when I started reading Carrie’s blog, A Lovely Little Wardrobe. She has such great style and I’m constantly getting so much outfit inspiration from her creative posts. However, what I love most about Carrie is her focus on contentment and gratitude, and how she stays true to her style. Her style alone would be enough to keep me reading, but I appreciate that she puts so much heart into everything she shares on her beautiful blog.

{brave blogger} Megan of MeginTime is someone who I got to know through blogging, but who I could imagine being friends with in real life too. As an ice cream-addicted non-athlete, I’m surprised to find that I even enjoy reading her posts about fitness and healthy eating. Her writing is clever and honest, and she’s not afraid to take risks and put herself out there.

{mom blogger and so much more} Another blog whose content I’m constantly clicking “Pin it” on is Boys Ahoy, a blog that’s all about writer Kristy’s adventure raising three young boys. Her food posts are out of this world, and I also love the clever parenting posts she adds into the mix. While her focus is (obviously) on being a mom of boys, I think any parent would appreciate her helpful posts.

{color-loving blogger} A fairly new to me blog is Hello Katie Girl, and finding her blog was style love at first sight. Sometimes I get a little too focused on practicality and following the rules, and Katie is a gorgeous reminder that style is supposed to be fun. For a dose of color and plenty of outfit inspiration, be sure to check her out.

{authentic blogger} I found Kiki of In its Time through her popular The Circle linkup, and have been a reader ever since. Her honest writing is so refreshing to read, and I love that while she touches on a variety of topics, her posts always feel unmistakably “her.” She’s the kind of person you feel lucky to know, and I’m so glad she’s become a blog friend of mine.

{inspiring blogger}  Jenn, of the blog What You Make it, blogs about faith, style, blogging, and motherhood. She constantly inspires me to grow, whether it’s through her fun #momunity challenges on Instagram, or through her #momstyleremix posts in partnership with (another favorite blogger!) Anne of In Residence.

{beauty-ful blogger} I don't read a lot of beauty blogs, because I'm just not all that interested in skincare and beauty products. I do like to try new ones (especially things like lipstick and mascara) but I'm definitely a "if Target doesn't carry it I'm not interested" kind of gal. That's why I love Elle of Elle Sees. I feel like she's a beauty blogger for the people. She writes honest, thorough reviews, and uses plenty of drugstore products as well as higher end items. She also offers countless DIYs that look easy and fun to do. And with her sweet southern accent, she just seems like someone you want to be instant friends with. 

I feel like this list doesn't even begin to cover all of the blogs I love, because there really are a ton. I hope, though, that maybe there are a few new-to-you bloggers on this list and that you might discover a new blogging kindred spirit.

Help me spread the love... whose blog do you absolutely adore? Tell me why I should check them out! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I always love learning about new blogs. It's such a great community!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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