Pinterest Inspired Breakfast Bowls

Meal planning is part of my regular weekend routine. I scan the grocery store ad to see what's on sale, then I look through my Pinterest boards, cookbooks, and recipe binder to find a few dinners (and sometimes a dessert) to get us through the week. I'm one of those weird people who really enjoys the task of meal planning.

However, one meal that I always manage to neglect is breakfast. I eat it every day, but because I'm rushed in the morning and rarely plan this meal ahead, I tend to eat the same thing over and over. After day 547 of peanut butter toast. even a peanut butter lover like me gets a little tired of it.

I recently scoured my breakfast Pinterest board for a few breakfast ideas that I could make ahead and eat all week long.

{spied... make-ahead breakfast}

{tried... make-ahead breakfast bowls}

Inspired by these Make Ahead Breakfast Bowls I saw on Iowa Girl Eats, I remembered to plan ahead and do some breakfast-prepping this week. It was surprisingly easy and not very time-consuming to make these.

You just roast some potatoes and peppers in the oven. The recipe didn't call for it, but I also made bacon in the oven to add to my bowls. You make scrambled eggs on the stove, then throw everything in individual bowls to let cool. Once they're cool you top with cheese and green onions. Then when you heat them up in the morning you can add whatever else you like. 

The result was breakfast that I actually looked forward to all week!

What do you eat for breakfast most days? 

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