The Circle Linkup: My 2016 Vision / Mood Board

I’m so happy to be joining Kiki in co-hosting The Circle Linkup at In its Time. Today we’re talking about our 2016 goals and sharing mood boards (or inspiration boards) to showcase these goals. Be sure to check out all the beautiful mood boards and get ready to be inspired!

You know that I’m a big believer in setting monthly goals, and last year I started sharing those goals with you here on the blog. I also know a lot of people who create inspiration boards or vision boards to showcase what they want to accomplish during the year.

I’ve seen beautiful vision boards that are actual boards, but I love the idea of creating a digital “mood board”, but still putting it in a place that I will see it often. (I loved Megan’s idea of creating a vision board in PicMonkey and setting it as your desktop background.)

{Here’s my 2016 Vision Board}

Do you create vision boards for your goals? Here's my 2016 Vision / Mood Board that sums up my goals for this year.

envelopes via Dave Ramsey | living room photo via Cup of Jo

{confidence} I mentioned at the beginning of the month that my word for 2016 is “confidence.” I hope to make this year one where I put myself out there, take my passions and skills seriously, and become better at networking (or at least quit dreading it).

{be a better wife} I recently wrote a post about an easy stay-in date idea, and I talked about how carving out quality time with Aaron has fallen lower on my priority list. This year, I’m making a commitment to having more date nights, both of the go-out and stay-in varieties.

{be a better friend} Along the same lines, I realized last year that I hadn't been making much of an effort with friendships either. I’d like to have more friend dates this year, and take more time to call or text, just to check in. I love you all, internet friends, but when I realize that I talk more to you than to my “real life” friends, I have a problem!

{improve my photography} Ugh, this was one of my goals from last year that I totally overlooked. #palmmeetsface This is important to me, and I’d love to take better pictures and use my actual camera more often.

{save more money} I tell you what, moving and buying a house sure puts a strain on trying to save! With the bulk of those expenses behind us (well… other than decorating and repair costs for our new house) I want to start 2016 on a good note, financially speaking. Aaron and I (try) to use the Dave Ramsey envelope system for non-fixed expenses, but we’d gotten pretty lax (and Amazon-prime trigger happy!) about keeping it up. No more excuses, we’re going to get back on that horse.

{grow and monetize Shea Lennon} To me, this goal goes along with my word of the year. For too long, I’ve let fear get in the way of believing that I could actually make some real money blogging. I’m not saying that I’m going to try to become a full-time blogger, but I would like to see a little income come out of the hours and hours of work I put into this space.

{find flexible, part-time work that will allow me to be home more} It scares me a little just to type that, because to me the idea still seems impossible. We hope to give Jona a brother or sister in the next year or two, and the thought of going to work just to pay for daycare makes me shudder. I love our daycare provider, but I don’t know how we’d make double that cost work. Ideally, I’d love to be able to stay home, at least part-time, while also doing something to contribute financially.

{decorate and organize, room by room} We moved into our house in October, and I’m sad to say that not a lot has changed since then. My current design process is: feel really motivated about decorating and DIY projects, try to decide where to start, walk around the house and get overwhelmed and frustrated, do nothing. As you can imagine, not a lot gets done using this method. This year, I’m going to try to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by picking a room to get started and trying to complete it before moving on to the next.

{get family photos taken} Other than once with extended family, we have never had professional family photos taken. Is that sad or what? This year, it’s happening.

Did you make a vision board for 2016? What’s on it? What are your goals for the year?

Be sure to link up your mood board for 2016 below!

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  1. I want to to start monetizing this my blog as well.
    My mood board is pretty blog based rather than life based, but one of our major goals is to get out of debt this year.


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