Currently: January

It's the beginning of the month (and the year...crazy right?!) which means it's time to join Anne and Jenna for their monthly Currently linkup. 

Here are a few things I'm currently doing.

Currently January 2016 |

{resolving} to be more confident, improve my blog, and be a better friend, among other things in 2016. Aaron got me a Day Designer planner for Christmas and I spent New Year's Day brainstorming my goals for the year. 

{reading} The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende. I just started this multi-generational love story that goes between present day San Francisco to Poland and the US during World War II. So far it's done a great job of holding my attention (measured by how much I want to procrastinate my to-do list during Jona's nap time and just read). 

{organizing} my office space. At our new house, we have a guest bedroom that's does double-duty as an office space. I haven't done much with it yet, but I'd like to give the desk area some personality. These DIY cork boards from I Spy DIY look so fun and easy to make. 

{loving} the things Jona says lately. Two has had it's share of ups and downs (hello, tantrums!) but one thing I'm constantly amused by is what comes out of Jona's mouth. Here are a few recent gems. 
  • When I tell him to come downstairs to put his shoes on so we can leave, he says "That would be perfect, mommy, that would be perfect." 
  •  When we were walking away from visiting Santa Claus (and he was too nervous to tell Santa what he wanted) he shouted "I want books!" 
  • "Put your glasses on, Aaron, so you can see!" (Lately he's taken to occasionally calling us by our first names for some reason.) 
  • "This is a very special grape, mommy. It's a very special cookie." Jona to me when he was trying to get me to remove an offensive grape from his plate. 
  • When we were walking down the stairs, he said to me "How 'bout you hold my hand?" 
  • Jona: "Are you cooking banana?" Me: "No, it's chicken." Jona (looking like he might cry): "But it's WHITE!" Me: "Well, what color is chicken?" Jona (forlornly): "Yellow." 
  • "Look at the big, big violins!" (to the mariachi band playing guitars at a Mexican restaurant). 
{craving} baked goods, as usual. I'm still in full-on baking mode and can't get enough chocolaty sweet treats. (I have one to share on Friday, so stay tuned!) Next on my to-make list are these sinful looking Nutella Stuffed Blondies I saw on A Cup of Jo. 

What have you been up to currently so far this year? 

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