7 Items, 7 Outfits: Winter Staples

Last week I talked about my experience with capsule wardrobes, and how they helped me discover my style so that I can have a closet full of clothes I truly love. I also surprised myself by learning that having a smaller number of pieces I love actually gives me more versatility than a closet full of random bargain buys or items that aren’t quite right.

I mentioned a few of my winter staples last week, and I thought I would take a few of those (plus a few year-round staples) and show how easily remixed they are. In the fall I wrote a post where I created 7 different looks from 7 fall staples. Today I have a winter version, also with 7 looks from 7 pieces.

{7 winter staples}

{7 winter looks}

By adding some accessories, like my plaid scarf and ankle boots, I can easily create 7 different looks using these 7 staples.

{shop winter staples}

What winter items have you been wearing on repeat lately?

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  1. Great remixing and especially loving that blanket scarf!

    cute & little


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