Goals for December and November Goal Review

This year, I started sharing my monthly goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here's this month's recap and next month's set of goals for my home, my blog, and my family or personal life.  

November Goal Recap


1. Sell or donate old clothes. Done! I donated a couple of bags and mailed one in to ThredUp, and I can't wait to see if I get a little shopping credit. 

2. Organize and set up main living spaces. Well, this one is partially done. The living spaces are livable and they're no longer cluttered with boxes, but they've got a ways to go in the decorating department. Little by little it will get done, that's what I keep telling myself. 

3. Send out moving announcements and buy an address stamp. Done and done! I worked with Alexandra of Simply Alexandra Stationary, who created adorable moving announcements for me. She also made an address stamp and I can't wait to get it. If you're in the market for moving announcements, business cards, wedding invitations, save the dates (and more!) I recommend Alexandra for sure. 


1. Get back to using Twitter regularly. Yes, I have done a better job of this this month! 

2. Get (back) involved with the local blogging community. I had better intentions, I did, but this month the timing of different events just didn't work out for me. I really do hope to get involved again soon! 

Fun / Family

1. Get caught up on printing photos and putting in my Jona album. So close... I have last month's pictures printed but haven't put them in the album just yet. 

2. Host a "Friendsgiving" or a simple dinner with friends at our new house. Ugh, fail. We had a friend over for dinner, but not the "Friendsgiving" that I had envisioned. Oh well, maybe next month. 

December Goals


1. Hang pictures and put out framed pictures. It's bare wall city in our house still, so I know we just need to take a weekend and hang the pictures and artwork we have and like. 

2. Mail Christmas cards, decorate for Christmas, and finish Christmas shopping. 


1. Get (back) involved with the local blogging community. 

2. Start making goals and plans for my blog for 2016. 

Fun / Family

1. Go to some local holiday events. I'd love to take Jona to see some holiday lights, and I may also try my luck at a Santa visit (although I'm pretty sure I know how that will go). 

2. Finish Jona's 2015 album and make plans for 2016. If I complete November and December's pages, I will have successfully made an album that spans all of 2015. I would love to do something similar next year, although I may go the digital route next time. 

What are your goals for this month? 

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