5 Healthy Snack Swaps

Because we're apparently masochists, Aaron and I chose this time of year to start a diet. When we put our house on the market and moved, we got into the habit of eating out way too often, and our unhealthy habits only continued after we got settled in. So, after hearing a few bloggers like Megan and Casey sing its praises, we started the 21 Day Fix. And surprisingly, it hasn't been that bad.

However, it has forced me to make quite an adjustment to my snacking habits, which formerly consisted of chocolate, ice cream, and more chocolate. I've been trying to think of snack swaps that will keep me just as satisfied as their sugar- and carb-loaded counterparts.

Five Healthy Snack Swaps

{one} Granola bar swap: Nakd bars. I used to eat a lot of granola bars (the chewy kind with lots of chocolate), but when I started looking at the ingredient list and seeing all the sugar (not to mention other weird things) I stopped buying them as often. But you can't beat the convenience of a bar for a snack, so when the people at Natural Balance Foods offered to send me some of their healthy cereal bars, called Nakd bars, I happily agreed. 

They're made with 100% fruit and nuts, so you can feel good about having them for a snack. Of course I went for the chocolate flavors. While they're certainly no substitute for a candy bar, they are pretty tasty! Aaron liked the fruit flavored bars and the Strawberries and Cream nibbles. 

This simple swap inspired me to think of a few others that I could make in my snacking.

{two} Peanut butter crackers swap: apple with peanut butter. Another favorite snack of mine is anything that involves peanut butter, so lately I've been taking my peanut butter with a side of honeycrisp apple rather than crackers, pretzels, or other salty snacks. 

{three} Butter swap: goat cheese. I LOVE goat cheese. Its creamy, tangy taste pairs perfectly with so many things. This is a swap I've always preferred, so instead of having a whole wheat english muffin with butter, I top it with some goat cheese instead. It's surprisingly low in calories and has a lot more nutritional value than butter does. 

{four} Chip swap: healthy trail mix. I realize that not all trail mix is created equal, but I'm talking the fruit and nut variety. I just bought some I really like with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and almonds from Target, but I think an even healthier option would be to make it yourself. 

{five} Milk chocolate swap: dark chocolate. This is another swap that I've been doing for years. I love dark chocolate, and it's a lot healthier for you than milk. I'm not eating too much chocolate these days, but I still allow myself a little square of dark chocolate after lunch. 

What are some healthy snacks you've been enjoying lately? 

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