4 Creative Ways to Use an Address Stamp featuring Simply Alexandra Stationery

Recently I had the chance to work with local blogger and stationer Alexandra of Simply Alexandra Stationery on custom-designed moving announcements. When she mentioned she could also make me an address stamp, I was thrilled... I've always wanted an address stamp!

Mainly I looked forward to not having to write out our return address on all our Christmas cards, but I knew it would get lots of use beyond that. I love how my stamp turned out; the font is fun yet readable, and I love the little detail of the state of Kansas with a heart in the 'burbs of KC where I live.

It will clearly come in handy for sending out mail, but I thought of a few other ways I could use my new address stamp. 

{4 Creative Uses for an Address Stamp}

{one} Use it to make a custom bookplate for your books, planner, or photo albums. 

{two} Stamp a piece of paper or card stock and put it in your luggage tag. You would probably want to also add your phone number to the back, or below your address.  (Aren't these luggage tags fun?) 

{three} Stamp your address on key tag labels to help you keep track of spare keys. If you give a friend or neighbor a spare key, it's very helpful for her to find and keep track of as well. 

{four} Make personalized note cards or note paper. If you didn't want to stamp your entire address, you could thoroughly clean off your stamp and then use a sponge brush to only "paint" the name portion. I haven't yet tried this but want to soon! I love these gold-edged note cards

If you're in the market for an address stamp or anything stationary-related, I would highly recommend Simply Alexandra. She worked with me to make sure I got exactly what I wanted, and her pricing was very reasonable too! Thanks Alexandra!

Do you use an address stamp? Is there anything else you use it for that I haven't thought of? 

I will be back on Monday with a post about New Year's Eve style, see you then! Have a merry Christmas!

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