November Goals and October Goal Review

This year, I started sharing my monthly goals as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here's this month's recap and next month's set of goals for my home, my blog, and my family or personal life.  

October Goal Recap


1. Sell our house. As of tomorrow, our house will be officially sold! Although we didn't get the price we wanted, I'm just relieved to not be the owner of two homes anymore! 

2. Get moved into our new house. We're moved in, but we still have a lot to do. 


1. Contact blogs or brands about contributing. I did do a little of this, although I don't have an update just yet. Stay tuned... 

2. Get back to using Twitter regularly. No, I didn't tweet a single tweet for the month of October. Sad. 

3. Get (back) involved with the local blogging community. Well, I did go to a meet-up for a local networking group I'm in, but no blogger meet-ups. There was one I planned to attend, but it ended up being on the night Aaron had parent-teacher conferences. Bummer! 

Fun / Family

1. Fill photo album with September pictures and print photos for October. I'm getting behind on this one due to the move, but I plan to get caught up this month. 

2. Go to the pumpkin patch with friends and family. Yes! What a great time. See my post about it here.

November Goals


1. Sell or donate old clothes. At our old house, all my clothes wouldn't fit in the tiny closet I shared with Aaron, so I had a lot stored in the basement. Now I have a lot more room, but I still want to get rid of the stuff that sat in the basement that I never wore. 

2. Organize and set up main living spaces. Getting settled into our new house will be an ongoing project for the next several months I'm sure, but I'd at least like to have our living spaces box-free and livable.

3. Send out moving announcements and buy an address stamp. I'm a little behind since we already moved, but I do want to send out moving announcements. I'm really excited about them, because my blog buddy (and fellow Kansan) Alexandra from Simply Alexandra is designing some for me. Don't worry, I'll show them off here. I also want to buy an address stamp, so that I don't have to write out our address on every single piece of mail we send.   


1. Get back to using Twitter regularly. Even if it's not everyday, I'd like to keep it active for the sake of my blog. 

2. Get (back) involved with the local blogging community. Since I really didn't do much of this last month, I'd like to attend a few local blogging events, or events I know about through other bloggers. 

Fun / Family

1. Get caught up on printing photos and putting in my "Jona" album. 

2. Host a "Friendsgiving" or even just a simple dinner with friends at our new house. Nothing motivates you to get your house cleaned and organized like having people over, right? 

What are your goals for November? 

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