5 Children's Clothing Items to Buy Used featuring ThredUp

Guys, I am not an early adopter when it comes to trends. I listened to Serial for the first time nearly a year after season one ended, I have yet to buy a jumpsuit, and I may be the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch Orange is the New Black. So naturally when I heard about ThredUp it took me a good long while to actually check it out. And, like most things that everyone raves about, I love it.

My experience with other online consignment or thrift stores is either that the selection is lacking or what I’m looking for is difficult to find. When I shopped at ThredUp for the first time, I was so impressed that neither is the case. They have an amazing selection, and it is so easy to find exactly what I’m looking for.

Sweater: BabyGap via ThredUp | jeans: BabyGap | shoes: Old Navy

I heard great things about ThredUp’s assortment of children’s clothes, so I bought a few things for Jona for fall and winter. Everything I bought was in excellent condition, yet I spent a fraction of what it would have cost to buy new.

Jacket: BabyGap via ThredUp | navy tee shirt: new Old Navy via ThredUp | jeans: BabyGap | shoes: See Kai Run

When buying used clothing, I think some items are easier to shop for than others. Things like tee shirts and tennis shoes I prefer to buy new because I know they will get a lot of wear (and it's rare to find many used ones in good condition).

Button-up shirt: Crew Cuts via ThredUp | cords: BabyGap via ThredUp | shoes (on the wrong feet...whoops): Old Navy

Here are five items that I like to shop for when buying Jona used clothing. 

{one} sweaters. Because they are a seasonal item and because they aren't typically for everyday wear, sweaters are a great item to find used. I found the striped one above, originally from BabyGap, at a very low cost and in near perfect condition. 

{two} outerwear. Coats and jackets are other items that don't see a great deal of wear. They rarely get too dirty because they're worn outside only, and they're not worn all year round. I found the gray Gap track jacket above in excellent condition (and maybe by next year, it will fit). 

{three} special occasion clothes. I haven't had to purchase any formal clothes for Jona just yet, but if I were going to shop for a toddler-sized suit or mini tie or bow tie, I'd shop used first. I wouldn't want to pay full price for something that gets worn so rarely.

{four} button-up shirts. I hit the used-clothing jackpot when I was looking for button-up shirts at ThredUp. There were so many options, all in great condition and at low prices. The navy gingham one from Crew Cuts (J.Crew's children's line) that Jona is wearing above looks brand new. 

{five} non-knit pants and cords. Jeans and sweatpants tend to get a lot of wear and tear, but cords and khaki-type pants are easier to find used in good condition. I found the adorable blue cords from BabyGap for a fraction of what they would have cost new. 

Have you shopped at ThredUp yet? What items do you like to buy at thrift or consignment stores? 

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Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by ThredUp, I just have truly loved my shopping experience there and wanted to share. However, by clicking my link you will save $20 off of your purchase and I will earn credit toward my next purchase as well. 

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