How to Wear White Jeans for Fall and Winter

I was scrolling through my fall style Pinterest board recently and I realized that I haven't worn my white jeans much lately. While they're a definite staple for spring and summer, I like styling them for cooler weather as well.

They may not be the best choice for rainy or snowy days (like the day I took these photos, sigh), but there's no reason white jeans won't work in weather that's just plain cold. I'm pairing them with cozy neutrals and a holiday-worthy sweatshirt for two fall and winter-friendly looks.

{white jeans with cozy neutrals}

Beige sweater: Gap Outlet (similar) | chambray shirt: Madewell (similar) | white jeans: Loft (similar) | necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique | ankle boots: Crown Vintage (similar)

You know I love bright colors, but combining these light, soft neutrals felt really fresh to me. The chambray shirt breaks up the shades of white and off-white so they're not right next to each other. These are all items I've had in my closet for quite some time, yet I don't often think to wear them all together. Shopping my closet for the win!

{white jeans with color and sparkle}

Embellished sweatshirt: Loft (similar) | white jeans: Loft (similar) | pink heels: Nine West (similar)

This time of year I'm in the mood to pull out my most festive clothes, yet at the same time I want to be warm and cozy. This sparkly sweatshirt luckily checks both of those boxes, and when paired with my favorite pink heels, my white jeans feel ready for date night.

How are you wearing white jeans this time of year? 

{shop white jeans}

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12 Books to Give as Gifts

Blog land gets a bit inundated with gift guides this time of year, so I typically spare you all from my version. Besides, scouring Amazon for whatever I can get for free shipping far from makes me a Christmas shopping expert. Kidding... kind of.

However, one of my favorite things to give and get every year is books, so I thought I'd put together a list of a few that would make great gifts. 

{one} For a baby: Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. I got this book at Jona's baby shower, and it soon became a much-repeated favorite. It's a sweet story that, unlike a lot of board books, I never got tired of reading. 

{two} For a toddler: Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever. This book was a favorite of mine as a child, and now Jona has his very own version. Filled with stories, nursery rhymes, poems, and adorable illustrations, this "Lion Book"gets requested frequently at bedtime.

{three} For kids of all ages: Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. This book of poems, some silly, some sweet, has become a classic. Just as Richard Scarry was a road trip companion in my toddler years, Silverstein came along and entertained me for hours as I got a little older. 

{four} For a new or expecting mom: Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. There are so many parenting books out there, but this one is worth the read. New moms will appreciate the common sense advice about how the French approach parenting. Include French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon and Sophie the Giraffe for the Francophile in your life. 

{five} For the person who has everything: Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin. This is one on my to-read list, but I've heard excellent things about Rubin's advice on how to change your habits and lead a happier life. I just started listening to her podcast, "Happier", and I already want to pick up all of her books. She's good. Also by Rubin: The Happiness Project and Happier at Home.

{six} For the budding entrepreneur: Make it Happen by Lara Casey. This inspirational book is perfect for someone who dreams of starting a business, changing careers, or making a life change, but is fearful of taking the leap. Also, along similar lines, I've heard great things about Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's another one on my to-read list.   

{seven} For the home cook: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime. The Pioneer Woman was one of the first food blogs I read, and she's still one of my favorites. She's where I turn when I want delicious, no-frills comfort food. I have her Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl cookbook, which I love, but this dinner-themed one is on my wish list.

{eight} For the college student: Will it Waffle? 53 Irresistible and Unexpected Recipes to Make in a Waffle Iron by Daniel Shumski. I think anyone would enjoy this unique, creative cookbook, but it's perfect for an apartment-dwelling college student who doesn't yet have a lot of cookware. (With that in mind, it may be a good idea to accompany this book with a waffle iron.) 

{nine} For the adventure-lover: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. I can't adequately sum this book up in just a few lines--there's too much in it. It's a little bit of everything: coming-of-age, adventure, violence, sports, but more than anything it's a touching, uplifting tale of survival and overcoming adversity.

{ten} For the frequent flyer: 
Ireland by Frank Delaney. A storyteller shows up one night at a young girl's house in the Irish countryside, and her life is forever changed by his enthralling tales of her homeland. Beautifully written and full of history and fables, this is the perfect book to get lost in while traveling.

{eleven} For your best friend: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. It wouldn't be a bad idea to wrap up a box of tissues to go with this book, because your friend will definitely need them. Naturally, be sure to read this book yourself first if you haven't so you can talk to her about it. Because the only thing better than a really good book is a friend you can talk to about it. If she's already read this one, get her the sequel, After You (and pick up a copy for yourself while you're at it). 

{twelve} For the historical fiction fan: The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George. To me this is historical fiction at its finest. At 976 pages, this hefty novel looks a bit intimidating, but it is engrossing from start to finish, painting a vivid picture of what life may have been like for Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. 

What is your favorite book to give as a gift? What is the best book you've received? 

I'm taking Friday off to spend time with family. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! See you Monday. 

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What to Wear for Thanksgiving: 3 Looks for 3 Occasions

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? Other than alternating which side of the family to spend the holiday with, we sadly don’t. As Jona gets older, I’d like to start some holiday traditions, so I’d love to hear yours to get some tradition inspiration!

Our Thanksgivings are usually pretty casual affairs, but I still have fun coming up with ideas for what to wear. Today I put together three looks that would be perfect for hosting Thanksgiving at your house, going to a casual family dinner, or doing some Thanksgiving party-hopping.

{stylish hostess} If you have the honor (or drew the short straw) to host Thanksgiving this year, you’ll want to dress comfortably and wear layers. I’m pairing this stretchy knit striped dress with this rust-coloredLoft cardigan that I found while shopping with Brandzaffair. Brandzaffair is an online shopping mecca where you can shop your favorite brands (hello, Loft, Target, and Gap!) and find the best deals. This fall-colored cardigan and striped dress, paired with flat desert boots and cozy sweater tights, combine to look both comfortable and put-together.

Thanksgiving look - for the hostess |

Thanksgiving look - for the hostess |

Cardigan: Loft c/o Brandzaffair | striped dress: Old Navy (now only $15!) | leopard belt: Gap Outlet (similar under $20) | desert booties: Crown Vintage (similar)

{casual family dinner} For a more relaxed look, I kept the Loft cardigan from Brandzaffair from the first look and added a graphic tee, jeans, booties, and a fun tasseled scarf. Thanks to Megan’s recommendation, I just picked up these denim leggings from Loft, which I love because they have the look of a skinny jean but the feel of a legging. (And for Thanksgiving, you know that stretch = good.)

Thanksgiving look - casual family dinner |

Thanksgiving look - casual family dinner |

Thanksgiving look - casual family dinner |

Cardigan: Loft c/o Brandzaffair | graphic tee: J.Crew Factory (similar) | jeans: Loft | scarf: c/o Ross (similar) | taupe ankle boots: Crown Vintage (similar for $50

{tour de Thanksgivings} If you’re going to multiple Thanksgiving dinners, your first priority has to be comfort. You will be pushing the limits on just how much food you can consume in a day, and you know no matter the excuse, grandma won’t let you get away with that tiny little spoonful of mashed potatoes. This loose, billowy swing dress is the perfect answer to the too-much-food dilemma. With warm boot socks and tall boots (even more warmth if you have an over-the-knee pair!) you may even be able to skip the tights for ultimate comfort. The scarf from the last look and a long gray cardigan complete this Thanksgiving look.

Thanksgiving look - multiple dinners |

Thanksgiving look - multiple dinners |

Thanksgiving look - multiple dinners |

Gray cardigan: Loft (similar) | burgundy swing dress: Old Navy | scarf: c/o Ross (similar) | riding boots: Mia (similar, on sale for less than $40!) 

What will you be wearing for Thanksgiving this year?  

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5 Tips for Cooking With Your Toddler (plus a yummy cookie recipe to make!)

One of my favorite memories growing up is helping my mom in the kitchen. So when I had Jona I couldn't wait until he was old enough to help me cook. For his second birthday, my dad and step-mom got Jona a step stool so that he would be able to stand countertop high and be my little sous chef.

Since I've been letting him help me in the kitchen, I've learned a few things to make it a fun (and not stressful) process.

{one} Prep ahead. Things will go a lot more smoothly and fewer messes will be made if you have all the ingredients prepped and ready before you start cooking together. For example, do any chopping, slicing, or peeling beforehand so your (impatient) toddler isn't waiting on you while you use a knife. 

{two} Expect a mess. When cooking with kids of any age, just know that there are going to be messes. Mentally prepare for those messes. You may not be able to smile and laugh when your toddler dumps the bowl of flour onto the counter instead of into the bowl of wet ingredients, but at least you won't be shocked. 

{three} Give specific directions. Remember that things that may seem obvious to you (like not sticking your fingers in freshly cracked eggs) are not obvious to your two or three year old. Be sure to tell your child exactly what you want them to do, such as dump this green cup into that red bowl (and point to each item). 

{four} Assign age-appropriate tasks. If you want your little one to have fun, be sure to give him things that he can actually do, so he feels like he is truly helping. For Jona, I like to measure the ingredients and let him pour them into the bowl. He can also help with stirring and whisking, which he loves. 

{five} Don't rush. I made the mistake early on of letting Jona help every time I cooked, which didn't work out so well on rushed weeknights when I was trying to quickly put dinner together. Since then, I've learned that cooking together goes much more smoothly on the weekend when we're not in a hurry. 

My favorite way to let Jona help is with baking. Since baking involves a lot of measuring, pouring, and stirring, there are several opportunities for him to be involved. Over the weekend we made these Salted Dark Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies from Annie's Eats. 

These are a delicious twist on a classic oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, using molasses and even bourbon to give these cookies a unique flavor. The recipe also called for some of the oatmeal to be ground with a food processor, but I used this old fashioned nut grinder (passed down from my mom, thanks mom!) instead. 

The cookies were wonderful and Jona had lots of fun helping me make (and eat) them.

Did you like to help in the kitchen when you were a kid? If you have kids now do they help you cook? 

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Today's The Circle linkup is all about sharing what we're thankful for. Rather than a simple list, we're sharing acrostic poems, using the word "thankful." Be sure to visit In Its Time to see what everyone is thankful for. 

Thanksgiving is just over a week away, and although sometimes it's considered the forgotten holiday, I love it. I'll admit that it's partly because of the food, but also because it feels like a pause button before the holiday season begins. A day that's all about eating with people you love and counting your blessings sounds like a pretty good holiday to me.

Here are a few things that I'm especially thankful for right now. 

{T} - Time. It goes by so quickly, so I'm thankful for any quality time I get to spend with the people I love. 

{H} - Health. Sometimes I take my family's good health for granted. However, it doesn't take much to be reminded that I shouldn't, and that I should appreciate what I have while I have it. 

{A} - Answered prayers. Things don't always work out the way I hope they will, yet God has a way of reminding us that He's here, and that He listens. He may not answer in the way or time frame that I want, but lately I've been reminded that He does indeed answer.

{N} - Newness. It feels like there's a lot of new in my life right now, from a new house to a new stage in Jona's life (hello, terrible twos!). I don't always do the best with change, but I'm trying to focus on the good and give myself time to adjust to the rest. 

{K} - Kitchen. This seems like a funny thing to be thankful for, but I truly am thankful for my kitchen! I spend a lot of time there, and it's the room in my house that most says "home" to me. Sometimes the state of the rest of our house is enough to stress me out, but when I go to the kitchen I'm not thinking about organizing or decorating, I'm just thinking about the meal I'm cooking or the dessert I'm baking. It's a calming place, to me. 

{F }- Family. I am so incredibly grateful for my family, and for my friends who feel like family as well. I have so many generous, thoughtful, and caring people in my life, and this time of year I'm especially thankful for them. 

{U} - Unplanned moments. I'm such a planner. I don't do well with spontaneity, and Aaron often teases that "if it's not on the list, it doesn't get done." However, it's during those times where I decide to take a break from my schedule (like when I played hooky from work and we all went to the Royals' World Series parade) that I feel like I'm truly living. 

{L} - Library. Nerd alert! But yes, I am so thankful for the library. Books are such a source of joy for me, and the library allows me continual access to this joy for FREE. I love sharing this love with Jona, who gets as excited as I do when I come home with a big stack of books just for him. Libraries are the best. 

I'm also so thankful for every person who reads this blog. So many of you have become friends to me, and I'm so glad that you're here. Thank you! 

What are you thankful for right now? 

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How to Wear a Skirt in Fall and Winter (and not freeze)

During fall’s early days, I embrace my skirts and dresses, trying to give them as much wear as possible before the cold weather makes going bare-legged about as appealing as cleaning the bathroom (worst chore ever, am I right?). After a recent look at my closet, I realized that my current selection of pants is rather paltry, and that if I don’t want to have frozen legs this winter I need to either break out the tights or go shopping. My budget votes for option A, so that’s what I’ll do until I can convince it otherwise.

On the agenda today, I’m taking this bright red mini skirt and bundling it up. Yes, pants are often the more obvious cold-weather choice, but why not let your skirts have a little winter fun too?

styling a skirt for cold weather - 2 ways |

{late fall outfit idea: bright skirt with cozy stripes}

For late fall’s chilly weather, I like to pair my skirts with cozy sweaters and tights. This striped sweater was a recent ThredUp find (oops, got a little distracted while shoppingfor Jona) and I love how it looks with the bright red skirt. I added simple navy blue tights, a scarf, and tan desert booties to make this fall look complete.

skirt plus striped sweater - late fall outfit idea |

skirt plus striped sweater - late fall outfit idea |

Striped sweater: Gap via ThredUp (similar) | red skirt: J.Crew (similar) | scarf: Target (similar) | desert booties: Crown Vintage (similar for less than $30!)

{winter outfit idea: bright skirt with a vest and boots}

When that “w” word inevitably arrives, it’s time to step up my layering game. I see fall’s skirt and tights, but raise one quilted puffer vest and one pair of tall riding boots. I’ll hedge my bets and add a pair of warm boot socks as well.

skirt with puffer vest and boots - winter outfit idea |

skirt with sweatshirt and puffer vest - winter outfit idea |

Gray polka dot sweatshirt: Loft (similar) | navy puffer vest: Land's End (similar) | red skirt: J.Crew (similar) | boots: Mia (similar)

How do you make your skirts work in fall and winter? 

{shop bright skirts}

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And thanks to my mom for being my photographer this weekend. You're the best, mom! 

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In My Library Tote: Good Books for Mom and Toddler

Nothing makes me happier than coming home with a big stack of books from the library. I'm thrilled to report that it makes Jona just as glad. Here are a few books that we've been reading lately.

Books for mom

If you want...

{a nontraditional love story} Who Do You Love? by Jennifer Weiner. Rachel and Andy meet in an ER waiting room as children, and their lives continue to intersect as they grow up. When I see Jennifer Weiner I think "chick lit," which I don't usually love, but this was done well.

{a whirlwind of glamour, riches, and dysfunctional family fun} Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. Nick Young invites his American girlfriend Rachel to meet his family and attend a friend's wedding in Singapore. She has no idea that his family is mind-bogglingly wealthy, and that she's arriving with a target on her back as the girlfriend of Singapore's most eligible bachelor. What a fun read.

{to wax nostalgic about your high school English class} Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. This book cannot be compared to To Kill a Mockingbird, although it's next to impossible not to. While you can't argue with Harper Lee's talent when it comes to writing, to me, I just couldn't like or get attached to any of the characters (who should be older and wiser than their Mockingbird counterparts).

{#allthefeels} Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. Sydney grows up in the shadow of her charming, popular older brother Peyton. When Peyton goes to prison for a drunk driving accident, she feels even more distanced from her family. She meets Layla and her brother Mac at the public school she transfers to, and finds comfort in their friendship and in getting to know their imperfect, yet loving family. If you're going to read one of these, it's this one I'd most recommend.

Books for toddlers

If you want... 

{an imaginative story} Buddy and Earl by Maureen Fergus. Buddy the dog has never seen a hedgehog before, so when he meets Earl he doesn't know what to make of him. In trying to figure out what Earl is, he ends up going on quite the adventure and gaining a friend. This one was an adorable, fun read that Jona loved and still likes to talk about. 

{to help your tot understand a move} Boomer's Big Day by Constance W. McGeorge. I picked up this book, about a dog who moves with his family, right before we moved in the hope that it would help Jona understand what was going on. I would tell him, "We are at our new house, just like Boomer had a new house," and while I don't know how much he really understood, I think it helped. 

{a cute story with a moral} The Short Giraffe by Neil Flory. This is a cute story about a group of giraffes trying to have their picture taken, but having trouble because of one giraffe who is shorter than the group. Jona is way too young to understand the lessons about differences and acceptance going on in there, but he sure did love the giraffes and the colorful pictures. 

{a sweet read with frame-worthy illustrations} Waiting by Kevin Henkes. This one isn't very long and there's not a lot to it--5 friends sit at the window and wait for various things to happen. However, this was such a sweet, beautiful little story. 

{entertainment for your little sports fan} Goodnight Football by Michael Dahl. A little boy goes with his family to watch his favorite team play. Jona received this book as a gift and it's become a favorite. The rhyming text and colorful pictures, combined with a subject matter he's thrilled to read about, make it a much-repeated nighttime ritual.

What books have you brought home to read lately? 

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5 Children's Clothing Items to Buy Used featuring ThredUp

Guys, I am not an early adopter when it comes to trends. I listened to Serial for the first time nearly a year after season one ended, I have yet to buy a jumpsuit, and I may be the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch Orange is the New Black. So naturally when I heard about ThredUp it took me a good long while to actually check it out. And, like most things that everyone raves about, I love it.

My experience with other online consignment or thrift stores is either that the selection is lacking or what I’m looking for is difficult to find. When I shopped at ThredUp for the first time, I was so impressed that neither is the case. They have an amazing selection, and it is so easy to find exactly what I’m looking for.

Sweater: BabyGap via ThredUp | jeans: BabyGap | shoes: Old Navy

I heard great things about ThredUp’s assortment of children’s clothes, so I bought a few things for Jona for fall and winter. Everything I bought was in excellent condition, yet I spent a fraction of what it would have cost to buy new.

Jacket: BabyGap via ThredUp | navy tee shirt: new Old Navy via ThredUp | jeans: BabyGap | shoes: See Kai Run

When buying used clothing, I think some items are easier to shop for than others. Things like tee shirts and tennis shoes I prefer to buy new because I know they will get a lot of wear (and it's rare to find many used ones in good condition).

Button-up shirt: Crew Cuts via ThredUp | cords: BabyGap via ThredUp | shoes (on the wrong feet...whoops): Old Navy

Here are five items that I like to shop for when buying Jona used clothing. 

{one} sweaters. Because they are a seasonal item and because they aren't typically for everyday wear, sweaters are a great item to find used. I found the striped one above, originally from BabyGap, at a very low cost and in near perfect condition. 

{two} outerwear. Coats and jackets are other items that don't see a great deal of wear. They rarely get too dirty because they're worn outside only, and they're not worn all year round. I found the gray Gap track jacket above in excellent condition (and maybe by next year, it will fit). 

{three} special occasion clothes. I haven't had to purchase any formal clothes for Jona just yet, but if I were going to shop for a toddler-sized suit or mini tie or bow tie, I'd shop used first. I wouldn't want to pay full price for something that gets worn so rarely.

{four} button-up shirts. I hit the used-clothing jackpot when I was looking for button-up shirts at ThredUp. There were so many options, all in great condition and at low prices. The navy gingham one from Crew Cuts (J.Crew's children's line) that Jona is wearing above looks brand new. 

{five} non-knit pants and cords. Jeans and sweatpants tend to get a lot of wear and tear, but cords and khaki-type pants are easier to find used in good condition. I found the adorable blue cords from BabyGap for a fraction of what they would have cost new. 

Have you shopped at ThredUp yet? What items do you like to buy at thrift or consignment stores? 

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Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by ThredUp, I just have truly loved my shopping experience there and wanted to share. However, by clicking my link you will save $20 off of your purchase and I will earn credit toward my next purchase as well. 

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Leopard Layers for Fall: Work to Weekend

One thing I love about this time of year is the desire I have to make everything in my wardrobe just a little more cozy. It’s early enough in the season that I’m still thrilled to layer with cardigans, jackets, and scarves, and I don’t yet look at my sweaters with disdain because I’m just. So. Sick. Of them. I know that day is coming but for now I’ll enjoy my cozy layers.

Today I’m layering up this leopard blouse that has become a staple in my work wardrobe. It’s a no-brainer with a blazer and a pencil skirt on days I want to look polished and professional. However, with some cozy layers like a moto jacket and a long cardigan, this leopard blouse can also work for a casual Friday at work or errand running on the weekend.

For work, I like to find a balance of casual, professional, and fun. The jeans keep it casual, the jacket and blouse add the professional elements, while the lace-up flats are the perfect dose of fun. Casual Friday, I’m ready for ya.

Gray jacket: Loft (similar) | leopard blouse: Loft (similar) | jeans: Gap | necklace: BaubleBar (similar, even sparklier) | lace-up flats: Topshop (similar)

With a long gray cardigan and my go-to ankle boots, this leopard blouse and jeans combo has just the right amount of comfort for the weekend. It’s a look that can easily take me from a shopping trip to a casual dinner date, both of which I’d love to add to my next weekend agenda.

Gray cardigan: Loft (similar) | leopard blouse: Loft (similar) | jeans: Gap | ankle boots: Crown Vintage (similar)

How do you cozy up some of your workwear staples?     

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Spied it, Tried it: Recipes for Leftover Halloween Candy

Now, the thought of having leftover Halloween candy may seem laughable to you (a lot like having leftover wine or baked goods). However, some years I over-estimate the number of trick-or-treaters we will get, and even my sweet tooth is no match for what we have left.

Don't worry, Pinterest to the rescue. I found a few recipes on my Halloween board that would be perfect for using up some of that leftover candy: Halloween Candy Bark from Brown Eyed Baker, Candy Bar Cookie Bars from Joy the Baker, and Peanut Butter Nutella Candy Bar Brownie from How Sweet it is.

All looked like delicious ways to use up some candy, but I decided to try the cookie bars. I needed a treat to bring to a friend's house, and these bars were the perfect dessert to bring. 

The chewy, rich cookie dough is mixed with a mix of different candies and candy bars and baked. I used Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats, and Peanut M&Ms, but feel free to use whatever you have. This was easy to make and got rave reviews. 

Do you have any favorite recipes for using up leftover candy? 
Speaking of Halloween, I wanted to share Jona in his Halloween costume. He went as Bert, the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins, or "Chimmy Chim" as he calls him. 

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Currently: November

November is always such a bittersweet time of year. Bitter, because I know it's only going to get colder, yet sweet because of all the holidays coming up. Other than the weather, I'm really looking forward to the end of the year.

I'm linking up with Anne and Jenna to share what I'm currently...

{cooking} in my new kitchen. Other than Jona's room, the kitchen was the first room that I needed to be functional in our new house. While I may still move things around a little, I'm happy to be able to use the space to cook and bake all I want.

{planning} a Friends-giving get-together. I mentioned in my goals post that I'd like to host a few friends for dinner, or even make it a full-on Friends-giving. I'll be the first to admit that entertaining tends to stress me out, but I feel like hosting something like that would give me the motivation I need to getting our house unpacked and organized.

{smelling} treats baking in the oven. I've mentioned it before, but I love baking this time of year. Over the weekend I made some cookie bars to take to a friend's house. They tasted great and made our house smell amazing. Come back Friday for the recipe.

{appreciating} my family. Selling a house and moving can be such a stressful process, and I'm not sure I could have survived without my wonderful family. They've been supportive, generous, and have gone above and beyond to help Aaron and I get settled into our new house.

{anticipating} the holidays. I love fall, so I don't want to speed up time, but I'm really looking forward to Christmas. Last year I know Jona enjoyed himself (except when Santa was holding him), but this year he's going to be even more excited to open gifts, spend time with family (who always spoil him), and help me bake yummy treats.

What are you up to so far this month? 

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Turkey photo via Martha Stewart. 

Pattern Mixing with a Striped Skirt: 3 Ways

Happy Monday and congratulations to the Kansas City Royals!! 

I love playing around with the different prints and patterns in my closet and trying new combinations to wear. The pattern that I always come back to when it comes to print mixing is stripes. This classic pattern never goes out of style, and it's perfect for mixing with other patterns. Here are three no-fail ways to mix stripes with other patterns.

How to mix stripes with other patterns - 3 looks |

{one} have fun with accessories

striped skirt with plaid scarf |

striped skirt with plaid scarf |

Gray sweater: Gap (similar) | striped skirt: Target (similar) | scarf: c/o SheIn | boots: Mia (similar)

Without the scarf, this wouldn't be a bad look, but it would be a little plain. This plaid blanket scarf from SheIn keeps me cozy and warm, and it also adds a little fun to this outfit. A printed scarf like this one is an easy way to add another pattern to a simple look.

{two} use color strategically

striped skirt with polka dot chambray and bright blazer |

striped skirt with polka dot chambray and bright blazer |

Orange blazer: Target (similar) | polka dot chambray shirt: J.Crew Factory (similar) | striped skirt: Target (similar) | taupe ankle boots: Crown Vintage (similar)

In this look, the stripes and polka dots are a lot going on right next to each other. However, the orange blazer brings both patterns together nicely. Wearing a bright jacket or cardigan over two prints gives the eye something to focus on, and makes the look more cohesive.

{three} or, stick with neutral colors

striped skirt with leopard and polka dots |

striped skirt with leopard and polka dots |

Black cardigan: Gap Outlet (similar) | striped skirt: Target (similar) | leopard scarf: c/o Sammydress (similar) | polka dot flats: Madewell (cute loafer style)

If the patterns are small and the colors are neutral, it's possible to wear stripes with not just one other pattern, but two. Mixing stripes, leopard, and polka dots sounds like a lot, but because everything in this look is in a neutral shade, it works. Plus, the neutrals break up the patterns so they're not right next to each other. 

What is your favorite way to mix stripes with other prints?

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