How I Make Time for Self Care Even When Life Gets Busy

Today's theme at The Circle Linkup is Me-Time and Self Care. Be sure to head over to In Its Time to see some more great self care ideas. 

Before becoming a mom, I vowed to never become one of those martyr moms, who takes care of everyone around her and always puts herself on the bottom of the priority list. Like most things on my "when I have kids, I'll never..." list, that's certainly easier said than done. However, I do make an effort to carve out time in my busy schedule for me-time whenever I can. As an introvert, I need time to myself in order to function; too many days without and I'm drained both physically and emotionally.

Here are a few ways that I take time to care for myself, even when life is crazy (cough, moving, cough).

{read a book} You're shocked I'm sure, but my favorite way to recharge my batteries is to relax with a good book. I'd love to have an hour or two every afternoon to devote to reading, but that's rarely the case. I make time for reading by getting to bed a little early (or trying to) so that I can read a little before going to sleep. I also bring a book with me to work and try to read on my lunch break a few times a week. Right now I'm reading Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner.

{bake something} Especially during the colder months of the year, I find it so relaxing to spend the afternoon baking. I love being in the kitchen for any reason, but the slow pace of baking feels so much more soothing than frantically putting together weeknight dinners. On my to-bake list are these bakery style chocolate chip cookies from Boys Ahoy.

{catch up on blog reading} Mondays are always crazy, so I started making it my Monday night ritual to just relax and catch up on blog reading after Jona goes to bed. My to-do list is always long, but I don't see the harm in waiting until Tuesday to start checking off that list. Knowing that at the end of the day I'll be cozied up on the couch with my computer and a glass of wine (#socool), I'm able to survive that dreadful first day back to work.

{spend time with family and friends} Although this isn't exactly me-time, I think spending time with the people (and dog) I love most is crucial for taking care of myself. Whether it's watching Dateline with Aaron on a Friday night (again, #socool) or enjoying a meal with family, I always feel better after spending quality time with my loved ones.

{take a nap} Does this one even need an explanation? It's been a while since I've had time, but to me, nothing completes a Sunday afternoon like a nice nap. Typically I use the time while Jona naps to get things done or run errands (if Aaron is home), but sometimes it's nice to put him down and then put myself down while I'm at it.

How do you take time for yourself, even when life gets busy? 

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