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I love October, it's always such a beautiful month. The leaves are starting to turn, the weather is cool but (usually) not yet cold, and it's prime time for college football, pumpkin patches, and hot apple cider.

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{eating} chocolate chip cookie bars. One thing I love about fall is that it's the start of baking season. Summer is always too busy and too hot to do much baking, but when the weather gets cooler I love to spend a weekend afternoon making some sweet treat. Over the weekend Jona and I made these chocolate chip cookie bars, and they were quick, easy, and delicious.

{exploring} our soon-to-be new neighborhood. This is the last week in our current house; we move to our new one this weekend (yay!). It's not far from where we live now, but it's in a different city and a different neighborhood. We've been doing a little exploring to see what's nearby. So far we've visited the park across the street and scoped out some restaurant options.

{wearing} fall layers. September was still pretty summer-like for the most part, but about a week ago it cooled off and now it really feels like fall. I haven't wasted any time in breaking out the scarves, boots, and layers. I found a little field jacket for Jona that's similar to mine, so over the weekend we wore matching gingham layers. #cantstopwontstop

{admiring} my dad. Last week my dad's company threw him a send off party, as he is retiring next week. It was fun to be surrounded by his former and current co-workers, and hear stories about him as a colleague, boss, and friend. I'm so happy he's retiring and giving himself a much-deserved break. He's always taught me the value of hard work and set high expectations for me. As a kid sometimes that drove me crazy, but as an adult I appreciate those values he instilled in me.

{collecting} boxes, newspaper, and moving tips. Moving day is almost here, so it's crunch time to get everything ready. I want to be as organized as possible so we don't lose anything in the abyss of boxes. One article I read from iHeart Organizing recommended using color-coded tape to pack boxes, one color for each room or floor, and I think that's a pretty good idea. I'll be scouring Pinterest for more moving tips this week no doubt.

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