Family Dinner Friday: Dinner in a Bowl

My dinner cooking philosophy is similar to my reading philosophy: I want to cook ALL the dinners and read ALL the books. I’m not one to regularly make the same thing week after week; instead, I hoard dinner ideas on my “What’s for Dinner” Pinterest board and I try to plow (Chop?) my way through it. Just like I can never get to all the books on my to-read list, I can never seem to keep up with my to-cook list either.

However, if there’s a meal that I will bump to the top of the list or even (gasp!) repeat regularly, it’s the dinner-in-a-bowl idea. There are endless combinations of starch/grain, vegetables, meat, and cheese for this type of meal, and I haven’t tried one yet that didn’t make my variety-craving self happy.  

Here are a few dinner-in-a-bowl meals that have been hits for us lately. The best part about these is that they’re so easy to change to suit your taste and ingredient supply.

{one} Burrito Bowls (like this Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowl or this Fish Taco Bowl). To me, this is classic dinner-in-a-bowl. Rice (or recently, quinoa) is topped with meat and veggies and mixed with sour cream and cheese. If it tastes similar to, or dare I say it, better, than something you’d order at Chipotle, consider it a success.

{two} Noodle Bowls (like this Asian Noodle Bowl from Iowa Girl Eats). Similar to a stir-fry with rice, these heathy, flavorful bowls combine veggies and noodles in a sweet and spicy sauce. These are perfect for a fridge clean-out.

{three} Pineapple Chorizo Bowl (from How Sweet it is). This puts a unique twist on the burrito bowl idea, by using spicy chorizo sausage and mixing in caramelized pineapple. It gets even better when you add a dollop of chipotle cream and avocado cream and give it a mix.

{four} Quinoa Enchilada Bowl (from Boys Ahoy). I saw this recipe on Anne’sblog and I knew I had to give it a try. It tastes like the love child of a burrito bowl and an enchilada, and it’s so hearty and comforting that you’ll forget for a moment that it’s good for you too.

Do you have any favorite bowl-style recipes? 

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