Weekly Eats: Menu Week of August 3 and Project Food Budget

I’m behind on my food posts, which means this menu is from the days of eating on real plates with real utensils. Next week it will be paper plates all the way... I hope you’re ready. Here are my food budget totals for the week.
  • Target budget: $81 (We had a little extra left in the budget, yay!)
  • Actual spent: $90 (And I still managed to go over...not yay.)
  • Splurge: $2.99 for fresh tarragon (Hey, at least it wasn’t ice cream this week!)


{one} Pork Parmesan Burgers adapted from Parsley and PepperThis was such a fun twist on both a burger and parmesan chicken. I love how the burger was coated in the bread crumbs, I’ve never tried that with a burger before. I used ground pork instead of chicken because for some reason I couldn’t find ground chicken that day, and I also used tarragon instead of basil because I needed it for another recipe. It was delicious, but I bet it would be even better with basil.

{two} Pasta with Sausage, Corn, and Chiles from Martha StewartPasta is my favorite, but (most of the time) I stay away from the heavy sauces in the summer. This pasta is perfect for this time of year; there’s no sauce at all, just a mix of corn, jalapeno, sausage, and cilantro. A little sour cream mixed in makes it creamy and tangy, but still light. I used fully-cooked sausage links (mine were chicken sausage) and sliced and browned them, but I imagine ground sausage (what the recipe called for) would be delicious too. This was a good one!

{three} Grilled Orange Tarragon Pork Chops adapted from Oh, Sweet BasilThe recipe calls for chicken, but I’ve got pork chops for dayyyys in my freezer and decided to use those instead. Fresh tarragon is not for the timid, let me tell you! It has such a bold, strong flavor, and when it’s mixed with the orange zest, juice, and Dijon mustard it really holds up. I use a lot of parsley and cilantro in my cooking, and basil whenever I can get it, but it’s not often that I make something with tarragon. This dinner was a nice little adventure for our palates.   

{four} Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowls from Iowa Girl EatsI’m pretty sure this is one of the first dishes I ever made with quinoa. I thought it would be something I’d be able to make only occasionally, because I figured Aaron wouldn’t really love it. I was wrong; he always agrees to quinoa dishes, he really likes it! This one has become a favorite. So. Much. Flavor.

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