Weekly Eats: Menu Week of August 10 and Project Food Budget

Guys, I am spent. Between the house showings, a busy week at work, and planning a certain little boy's birthday tomorrow, I am worn out. We're eating on paper plates and also eating out a lot more than we typically do, yet I still can't seem to stay on budget at the grocery store. I keep telling myself I'll get back on track, and I sure do hope I'm right! 

  • Target budget: $75
  • Amount spent: $92
  • Splurge: Well, that's a funny story. See I needed quinoa for a meal (that I didn't even end up making this week!) and I decided to buy it from the bulk bins. I tried to get a small amount, but it came out a lot more quickly than I anticipated. At that visit to the grocery store I learned what fourteen dollars worth of quinoa looks like. #themoreyouknow Good thing we like quinoa around here! 


{one} sweet and spicy pork and pineapple tacos from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. This was such an easy, flavorful weeknight taco meal. I used canned pineapple because fresh wasn't on sale ($14 on quinoa is no big deal, but I balk at a $4 pineapple....) but if I make this again I'd get the real deal.  

{two} honey balsamic grilled chicken and vegetables from Skinny Taste. Grilled chicken with veggies sounds kind of boring, but this was so good! The chicken has such good flavor thanks to a marinade, and even more flavor is added with a balsamic dressing that goes over everything at the end. Great summer meal!

{three} easy lo mein from Damn Delicious. This is one I've made a few times before, and it's always good for a quick easy meal, especially when I need to use up some meat and vegetables. I added ground turkey, sugar snap peas, and red bell peppers this time.

What have you been eating this week? 

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