Goals for August and July Goal Review

This year, I started writing monthly goals on the blog as a way to motivate myself to get things done and stay accountable. Here's this month's recap and next month's set of goals for my home, my blog, and my family or personal life. 

July Goal Recap


1. Clean out and organize basement. DONE. This was quite the project, but we got our basement looking pretty good. The stager who came last week was even impressed with how organized it was! 

2. Get house ready to put on the market. Yes! Our house went on the market on Saturday. Hopefully it will sell quickly. 


1. Organize my blogging resources, tips, and contacts. Ha! NOT DONE. This is obviously not on my radar right now, so I may just come back to this one at a later date. (In other words, when I find all those notes and business cards I had saved.)  

2. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements. In process. I've played around with it a little, but I still have a lot to learn. 

3. Make current and past posts more Pin-able. I did try to make my food posts more Pin-able, however I did not make any improvements to any past posts. One thing I have done more consistently is add a title to my photos, which makes them more searchable and Pinterest-friendly too. 

4. Make a list of blogs I'd like to contribute or guest post on and contact them. While I didn't do this really, I did do some collaborating last month. I wrote a guest post for a fellow blogger (for later this month) and I worked with Beth to create a summer Instagram challenge. (Join us!) 

Fun / Family 

1. Fill photo album with June pictures and print photos for July. And take more pictures with the camera. Done. And still struggling. 

2. Go on a picnic.  Well this one happened a bit by accident. We planned a weekend boat trip with some friends who own a boat (LOVE having friends who own a boat). Well the guys left early to get the boat on the water, while us gals (and the kids) planned to meet them out there. When we got to the lake, the guys couldn't meet us anywhere, because they were stuck in the middle of the lake on a broken-down boat. So while we waited for them to get towed in, we had a little impromptu picnic lakeside. It was pretty fun! 

3. Go to the farmer's market. Nope, we didn't do this one. Hopefully next month! 

August Goals


1. Sell our house. Trying to keep the house clean with a dog and a toddler is only so much fun. Let's get this baby sold! 

2. Buy a new house. Because if #1 happens, we'll need a place to live.


1. Make a list of blogs I'd like to contribute or guest post on and contact them. Like I've mentioned before, I love writing and I would love to do more of it if I can. 

2. Keep working with PS Elements and get more comfortable using it. I just need to get more practice. I still default to PicMonkey (which I love) most of the time for photo editing, because I find it so easy to use. I know there is so much I can do with Elements though, I just need to experiment a little. 

Fun / Family 

1. Fill photo album with July pictures and print photos for August. And take more pictures with the camera. Maybe August will be the month where I use my camera more? 

2. Visit Murray's in KC. This was just pure selfishness. Murray's is my favorite ice cream joint here in Kansas City, and it's only open during the warmer months. I need to get my fix a few more times before they close this fall! 

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