Weekly Eats: Menu Week of June 29 and Project Food Budget

Happy Friday and happy 4th of July weekend! This week was a good one--I managed to make four home-cooked meals AND stay under budget. Hooray for that! 

  • Budget: $75
  • Actual spent: $73
  • Fun fact: I didn't buy any items over $5 this week 
Here are the meals we ate this week: 

Clockwise from top left: 

{one} Pesto pasta with bacon and avocado adapted from Rachael Ray. I originally made this pasta here but this time I added avocado instead of tomatoes. I love pasta with pesto, especially in the summer, it's so light and fresh. This one has almonds in it instead of the typical pine nuts, which was a nice change-up. It was really fresh and tasty. 

{two} Grilled Greek Kebabs from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. I used pork instead of chicken because I had some pork chops I needed to use. You know how I feel about Mediterranean food, so obviously this was a hit. And can you believe that I'm the only one in my house who likes tzatziki sauce? I made some anyway, just for myself. 

{three} Crock Pot Thai Chicken from Iowa Girl Eats. This was a true lazy-gal's supper--pour coconut milk and pre-made peanut sauce into the slow cooker with some chicken and you've got dinner. The chicken did get a little dried out, but I think it was because I started it too early. You have to be careful with really lean meat (like chicken breasts) and the slow cooker. I've learned that the hard way several times. 

{four} Masala-Spiced Steaks from Martha Stewart with corn on the cob. I don't get too crazy about steaks, but I do like them every once in a while. Cumin, coriander, and a little cinnamon give these steaks a bold, unique flavor that paired perfectly with fresh summer corn. 

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