Weekly Eats: Menu Week of July 6 and Project Food Budget

Some weeks, I look at my grocery list and I know it's going to be a budget buster. Other weeks, those extra dollars sneak up on me, jumping in here and there, and $90 later, my budget is down the tubes. I bet you can guess which kind of week I had... 

  • Target budget: $75
  • Actual spent: $90
  • Splurge: fresh basil for $3.99 (Let me tell you this was SO worth it. I love basil, and was heartbroken when what we tried to grow ourselves this year didn't make it.)  
  • Second splurge: Nutella (on sale for $3.39)
  • Third spluge (oh...I see how I spent $90): MORE Bunny Tracks Ice Cream (on sale for $3.49)
  • Lesson learned: I have a hard time resisting "treats" when they're on sale, but I need to be pickier about my treat selection and not buy all of them just because they're on sale.

This week's menu

Menu Week of July 9 2015 | www.shealennon.com

Clockwise from top left: 

{one} Basil Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Tortellini from Oh, Sweet Basil. This was wonderful. The chicken was so juicy and flavorful, the sauce was genius (blend half of the sun-dried tomatoes into the sauce for extra thickness, love it!), and the fresh basil took it to the next level. I'll be making this one again for sure! (I used mini ravioli instead of tortellini, because it was on sale.) 

{two} Chicken and Snap Peas from Martha Stewart, with rice. With the exception of the rice, this was a one pan dish that was quick and easy to make. I admit that I wasn't super excited to make it; chicken, snap peas, and rice... it sounds a little boring to be honest. Why do I doubt Queen Martha? Thanks to basil (how I love thee) and a simple sauce the chicken and peas cook in, this dish has such great flavor that's not boring at all. 

{three} Chili-Lime Pork adapted from Martha Stewart, with corn. I've been on quite the Martha kick lately and with good reason; she has so many surprisingly easy meals without a lot of ingredients that are perfect for busy weeknights. Since Aaron and I both just wanted corn on the cob (rather than in a salad), I just used the pork portion of her recipe. I also used pork chops instead of pork tenderloin, because every time I blink my grocery store has more pork chops on sale. If there's ever a pork apocalypse I'll be ready--my freezer is well-stocked with pork chops and bacon! 

{four} Shrimp Po' Boys adapted from Rachael Ray, with grapes. This one was all for Aaron. Not that I don't like fried shrimp, I do, but they're not my favorite seafood. I don't make them too often, but we picked some up last Costco trip (different budget--I can't blame the shrimp for this week's over-spending!). 

What was your favorite meal you ate this week? 

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