Weekly Eats: Hints of the Mediterranean and Project Food Budget

Despite my limited authentic experience, when asked my favorite type of food I say Mediterranean. Anything with hummus, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, feta cheese, lemons... you can count me in. I've never actually been to the Mediterranean, nor do I know how much of these (and other) flavors are in authentic Mediterranean dishes. However, if I come across a recipe that has even the slightest "Mediterranean feel" I have to add it to my to-make list. This week's meals are no exception.

Clockwise from top right: 

{one} Walnut, Ham, and Cheese pasta from Rachael Ray. I'm not really sure you would call this one Mediterranean, but the lemon juice, pasta, and parsley lean that way a little, don't they? 

{two} One Pan Greek Chicken from Damn Delicious. Bone-in, oven-roasted chicken is always good, but this Greek-marinated one was outstanding! It had such excellent flavor. My only beef (chicken?) with this dish was the mix of veggies. To me, the green beans got a little overdone (I like them to have a little crunch) while some of the potatoes were slightly underdone (say no to crunchy potatoes!). 

{three} Beef Kofta Pitas with Hummus from Foodness Gracious. I saw this recipe on Anne's blog, and knew it was a must-make for this meatball-loving family. Taking a classic meatball idea and putting a Mediterranean (well, Middle-Eastern) spin on it sounds like a winner to me! The meatballs had great flavor thanks to the spice blend, and they combined nicely with hummus, grilled red peppers (#obsessed), feta cheese, and pita bread. 

What's your favorite type of food? 

Another week of Project Food Budget down! I wish I could say I stayed on budget again this week, but here are the dirty details.
  • My weekly budget: $75 (but this week's target was $60)
  • Total spent at grocery store: $51 (Yay!) 
  • Total spent at Target: $67 (Not yay! Not all of that was on grocery items, but more than $9 was!)  
  • Goal for next week: $75 
  • My weakness: Target. I have a separate budget for the non-grocery items I buy (typically from Target or Costco), but sometimes I buy some groceries from there too. It's difficult not to go over my budget when I make a Target run, because inevitably I'll find something else we need.
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