Weekly Eats: Eat the Rainbow (or the Stoplight)

I’ve always heard to eat healthy you should eat the rainbow every day. There are certainly days I want to mix a handful of m&ms into a bowl of ice cream and call it good. However, I usually try to cook healthy meals during the week so I can indulge in that ice cream every night on the weekends. This week I tried to incorporate lots of color in my meals, and while I can’t say we really ate the rainbow, I can say we at least ate a stoplight. Baby steps. 

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{green} Sheet Pan Roasted Garlic-Parmesan Chicken Tenders and Green Beans from Cooking Classy. This recipe is a tried and true concept that’s done in a new (to me) way. I love breaded, oven-baked chicken, but I typically go the flour-egg-breadcrumbs route. This one is different in that it’s dipped in a garlic-olive oil mixture (yum!) and then in breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. Really good! I love oven-roasted veggies but I’ve never tried it with green beans before. I think I left them in for a little too long, but Aaron loved them! I prefer a little more crunch to my green beans.

{red} Soy Sauce Noodles from Love and Olive Oil. You can say I have a healthy obsession with trying new stir-fry type dishes, and it’s true. It’s just that they always sound so good, and when a new one comes along I can’t help but add it to my What’s for Dinner? Pinterest board. What makes this one interesting is that you brown the noodles (I just used regular spaghetti) in the skillet so they get a little crispy. I used a red bell pepper instead of the carrot, because I can’t get enough red bell pepper right now. I also added leftover pork from the meal below because holy pork tenderloin did I end up having a lot of it.

{yellow} Crock Pot Brown Sugar Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin from Food 52 with cherries and corn on the cob. This is hands down my favorite recipe for pork tenderloin in the crock pot. The pork comes out so tender and juicy, and I love that there’s hardly any fat to deal with. I was running late the day I made this so instead of glazing the pork as it finished cooking, I just drizzled it on after shredding it, and it was still delicious! 

Do you try to eat the rainbow every day? Do you have any tips for getting more color in your diet?

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