My Summer Stay-cation Essentials

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When I think about summer, summer vacation comes to mind more often than not. Usually we try to plan some kind of getaway, even if it's just a long weekend trip. Last year we headed to St. Louis to kick off our ball park tour of America. However, this summer is all about getting ready to sell our house (in fact we're meeting with our realtor today!). So we decided that a stay-cation, while perhaps not as exciting, would be a smarter choice.

A stay-cation may not be as exciting as a real summer getaway, but it doesn't have to be boring. Here are a few of my summer stay-cation essentials.

Summer Stay-cation Essentials |

{one} Farmer's market tote bag. One of my favorite things to do here in Kansas City in the summer is go to the farmer's market. It's important to come prepared with reusable tote bags to carry home all the goodies you find. I love this cute one from!

{two} Coffee indulgence. If you're going to stay in for vacation, it's nice to treat yourself to something you maybe wouldn't usually add to your coffee. I love making iced coffee in the summer, and usually I just add cream and sugar. However, for a special treat I'll add vanilla flavored syrup instead.

{three} Picnic gear. What better time to go on a picnic than when you're enjoying a stay-cation? Jona loves being outside, so eating outside on a blanket will be a real treat. Going on a picnic was one of my June goals, so my fingers are crossed that we'll get a non-rainy weekend soon.

{four} Royals gear. We can't stay-cation in Kansas City without going to a Royals game! Unfortunately, I've been wearing the same tee shirt over and over again this season, so I think I'm due for a new one.

{five} A good book. Having a good book or two to dive into is a must for vacations and stay-cations alike. I've heard a lot about The Girl on the Train lately, I think it would be the perfect fast-paced stay-cation read.

{six} Beauty treat. I'm not much of a spa person. It's just not something I spend money on, nor is it something I typically have time to treat myself to at home. However, a stay-cation is the perfect time to indulge in a little beauty treat. I'd love to try a new nail color and give myself a full pedicure complete with a soak in the tub.

What are your stay-cation essentials? Also, are you heading anywhere fun this summer? I'd love to live vicariously through your travels! 

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