Converse Sneakers Week: Sporty Meets Feminine

Yesterday I paired my favorite Converse sneakers with stripes and distressed jeans, a go-to weekend look for me lately. Another look I love is pairing sneakers with a skirt or a dress, which instantly adds a sporty element to an otherwise feminine look.

I like the sporty trend, but for me, it only works in small doses. Sneakers here, a baseball tee there, but anything more than that and it just doesn’t look like me. I’m definitely more spectator than ball player, so I want a look that says “Let’s go watch some baseball,” and not “Throw her the baseball.” I had a very short-lived stint on a softball team with friends; I’m pretty sure I hit the ball one time. That’s a TOTAL of one time for the whole season. I got so excited about it when I did hit it that I tripped and fell on my way to first base and of course got tagged out. Good times.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate the sporty trend into your style? 

sporty feminine look with white sneakers and chambray skirt |

chambray skirt with white sneakers and striped cardigan |

 wsporty feminine look with striped cardigan and chambray skirt |

Striped cardigan: Loft | navy tee: J.Crew Factory | chambray dot skirt: Target | necklace: Etsy | white sneakers: Converse via DSW

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Project: Food Budget

I'll also be linking up on Friday to Project Food Budget at Emily Levenson. Since her posts (and the rest of the group) are on Tuesdays, I wanted to share a little today about why I decided to join in case anyone wanders over here from PFB. I'm late to join AND not posting on the right day... quite a departure from my usual rule-following ways. Anyway, I'm joining Project Food Budget because budgeting in general is a big part of my life (like it or not) and every week I push myself to stay on-budget at the grocery store. Friday I'll share my menu and how I did this week when it comes to spending. Thanks Emily for including me despite my rebellious ways! :) 

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