Americana on the Weekend: Fourth of July Ready

Some of my favorite childhood memories of the Fourth of July were of visiting a friend of mine who lived a few hours away. I always seemed to visit over the holiday weekend, and I got to join in the fun of setting off fireworks with her family. Where I lived setting off fireworks was illegal, so being able to go there and play with fire was pretty much hitting the jackpot as far as "cool stuff when you're a kid" is concerned.

I'm telling you this so that when I'm talking about how Jona wants to go somewhere and light off fireworks and I'm about to have a heart attack, you can remind me of my wonderful childhood memories. (Now no guarantees that I won't give a suggestion of where you can stick those memories... ) 

Luckily I have a few years before I need to think about that. For now I'm happy to go somewhere and sit in lawn chairs, eat hot dogs off the grill, and watch a fireworks show (put on by adults at a good safe distance from us). And this is what I plan to wear for such an occasion. Jean shorts with a navy stripe top and red shoes still give an Americana feel, but in a way that keeps me from melting in the heat. 

If you celebrate the Fourth of July, what are your favorite childhood memories of that holiday? 

Weekend Americana Look |

Casual Fourth of July Look |

Weekend Americana Look |

Subtle Red White and Blue for the Fourth of July |

Navy striped top: MODE | jean shorts: Loft | gold braid belt: Loft | leather wrap cuff: Nickel & Suede | red shoes: Toms

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