Americana on the Weekend: Fourth of July Ready

Some of my favorite childhood memories of the Fourth of July were of visiting a friend of mine who lived a few hours away. I always seemed to visit over the holiday weekend, and I got to join in the fun of setting off fireworks with her family. Where I lived setting off fireworks was illegal, so being able to go there and play with fire was pretty much hitting the jackpot as far as "cool stuff when you're a kid" is concerned.

I'm telling you this so that when I'm talking about how Jona wants to go somewhere and light off fireworks and I'm about to have a heart attack, you can remind me of my wonderful childhood memories. (Now no guarantees that I won't give a suggestion of where you can stick those memories... ) 

Luckily I have a few years before I need to think about that. For now I'm happy to go somewhere and sit in lawn chairs, eat hot dogs off the grill, and watch a fireworks show (put on by adults at a good safe distance from us). And this is what I plan to wear for such an occasion. Jean shorts with a navy stripe top and red shoes still give an Americana feel, but in a way that keeps me from melting in the heat. 

If you celebrate the Fourth of July, what are your favorite childhood memories of that holiday? 

Weekend Americana Look |

Casual Fourth of July Look |

Weekend Americana Look |

Subtle Red White and Blue for the Fourth of July |

Navy striped top: MODE | jean shorts: Loft | gold braid belt: Loft | leather wrap cuff: Nickel & Suede | red shoes: Toms

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Americana at Work: Dressing Up My Red, White, and Blue

If you're a US reader, I doubt you've forgotten that Independence Day is coming up on Saturday. I'm not sure yet what we'll be doing but I know it will involve barbecue, fireworks, and wearing red, white, and blue. Like most holidays, I enjoy dressing the part for the Fourth of July, but I don't like to be overly theme-y about it. No flag shirts for me, just lots of stripes in shades of red, white, and (navy) blue.

Today I have a festive Americana look that's perfect for work. I took my favorite navy blue dress (that I wear constantly--if you follow me on Instagram you've seen it's frequent appearances in my daily outfit snaps no doubt) and styled it as a skirt under this summery red striped top. Ivory wedge sandals and classic pearl earrings add the (off-) white elements to complete my subtly patriotic look.

Come back tomorrow for my weekend look!

Do you like to dress in red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July? 

Americana Look for Work |

work-ready red white and blue look |

weekday Americana look |

subtle red white and blue look |

Americana look for work |

Red stripe top: Target | navy dress (as skirt): Loft | brown braid belt: Loft | ivory wedges: Old Navy

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Weekly Eats: Hints of the Mediterranean and Project Food Budget

Despite my limited authentic experience, when asked my favorite type of food I say Mediterranean. Anything with hummus, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, feta cheese, lemons... you can count me in. I've never actually been to the Mediterranean, nor do I know how much of these (and other) flavors are in authentic Mediterranean dishes. However, if I come across a recipe that has even the slightest "Mediterranean feel" I have to add it to my to-make list. This week's meals are no exception.

Clockwise from top right: 

{one} Walnut, Ham, and Cheese pasta from Rachael Ray. I'm not really sure you would call this one Mediterranean, but the lemon juice, pasta, and parsley lean that way a little, don't they? 

{two} One Pan Greek Chicken from Damn Delicious. Bone-in, oven-roasted chicken is always good, but this Greek-marinated one was outstanding! It had such excellent flavor. My only beef (chicken?) with this dish was the mix of veggies. To me, the green beans got a little overdone (I like them to have a little crunch) while some of the potatoes were slightly underdone (say no to crunchy potatoes!). 

{three} Beef Kofta Pitas with Hummus from Foodness Gracious. I saw this recipe on Anne's blog, and knew it was a must-make for this meatball-loving family. Taking a classic meatball idea and putting a Mediterranean (well, Middle-Eastern) spin on it sounds like a winner to me! The meatballs had great flavor thanks to the spice blend, and they combined nicely with hummus, grilled red peppers (#obsessed), feta cheese, and pita bread. 

What's your favorite type of food? 

Another week of Project Food Budget down! I wish I could say I stayed on budget again this week, but here are the dirty details.
  • My weekly budget: $75 (but this week's target was $60)
  • Total spent at grocery store: $51 (Yay!) 
  • Total spent at Target: $67 (Not yay! Not all of that was on grocery items, but more than $9 was!)  
  • Goal for next week: $75 
  • My weakness: Target. I have a separate budget for the non-grocery items I buy (typically from Target or Costco), but sometimes I buy some groceries from there too. It's difficult not to go over my budget when I make a Target run, because inevitably I'll find something else we need.
Check out the other awesome PFB bloggers! 

Spring Capsule Recap and the 5 Lessons I Learned from Capsule Wardrobes

Born from a lack of closet space and a general sense of frustration with my wardrobe, last September I decided to try a new-to-me concept, the capsule wardrobe.  Love it or hate it (boy did I discover it’s quite the polarizing style blogger issue!), the capsule wardrobe concept was exactly what I needed to whip my wardrobe into shape.

I had three primary wardrobe problems that the creation of a capsule wardrobe helped me solve. One was a lack of space; after our spare bedroom became Jona’s nursery, my clothes and shoes had to find a new home in our tiny, shared bedroom closet. My second problem was an excess of stuff. This excess became even more apparent with the space issue. Getting dressed became a frustrating exercise; I couldn’t see half of the stuff in the closet, and much of what I had either didn’t fit my body or my lifestyle. This led to my third problem, which was despite all the options I seemingly had, I only had a handful of things that truly worked for my life and were also things that I loved.

Paring down my wardrobe and only having a set amount of clothing items to choose from (for me the number ranged from 40-50, including shoes) helped me in all three of those areas. While I’ve decided not to create another capsule for summer (and likely won’t for other seasons to come), I do plan to take the capsule wardrobe lessons learned and continue to apply them to my wardrobe. 

When looking at what I wore for my spring capsule, several themes emerged. Here are my spring capsule looks from the past three months, broken down by theme. (My favorite from each theme is marked with a little heart.) 

25 spring looks from a capsule wardrobe |

5 Lessons I learned from having capsule wardrobes:

{one} I still have plenty to wear with a smaller wardrobe. What made me (and many others I’m sure) hesitate about trying a capsule wardrobe was the fear of getting bored. I like options. I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing the same 5 outfits every week. However, I never got bored or felt like I had nothing to wear during the past several months. Quite the opposite, I felt that having fewer clothing items pushed me to be more creative with how I wore them or how I used my accessories. 

{two} Too many options stress me out. I am a terrible decision maker. I had 5 majors in college (at 3 different colleges by the way) and have done all or part of 3 different grad programs (also at 3 different schools). With all that, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, so can you imagine my struggle to choose which shoes to wear if I have 30 pairs to choose from? Since paring down my wardrobe, I no longer experience that too-many-options brain shutdown that was a regular occurrence before.

{three} Spend more on fewer, higher quality pieces that will stand the test of time. I am and will always be a budget-minded bargain shopper. However, my mindset has changed a little. Rather than trying to get as much as I can when I have a set amount to spend, I instead try to prioritize the things I need the most and buy the best quality I can for my budget. Do I still love to get a good deal? Yes. Do I feel the need to buy ALL the good deals? No.

{four} Accessories help make closet workhorses work harder. If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you’ll notice that I have a few favorites that I wear tirelessly (I’m looking at you chambray shirt, chambray dress, and jean jacket!). Yet because I change up the accessories I wear them with, it doesn’t look like I’ve been wearing the same outfits all year. Scarves, necklaces, belts, and shoes can all considerably change the look of an item. (See my recent chambray dress week for proof of that!)

{five} When I love something, I wear it often. I used to feel guilty for wearing certain pieces all the time while seeming to neglect others. Now I know that I only do this when I truly love a piece of clothing, so I should aim to fill my closet only with things I want to wear all the time. Similarly, I know that when something just sits in my closet, unworn, it may be time to part ways. 

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? I'd love to hear your thoughts on capsule wardrobes (good or bad)! 

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What I Read: June 2015

Summer shows no signs of slowing down, but I did manage to get three books read this month. What's more, all three books were good ones, so although I'd still like more down time for reading (always!), the time I did get to read was time well spent. Here are the three books of June.

June 2015 Bookshelf |

{one} All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Guys, this is such a good one. Yes, the literature market is pretty saturated with moving World War Two novels, but this one is worth your time. It tells of a blind Parisian girl and a young German boy, whose lives briefly come together during the French Occupation. This was a beautifully written, unique WWII story.

{two} The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais. Hassan Haji grows up above his grandfather's restaurant in Mumbai, but he and his family are forced to leave the life they know in India when he is just a teenager. They eventually wind up in Lumiere, a small town in the French Alps, where they continue the family tradition of owning a restaurant. Madame Mallory, the chef at the neighboring restaurant, does everything in her power to run the Haji family out of town. However, when Mallory discovers Hassan's potential to be a truly great chef, she has a change of heart and takes him under her wing. If you love food and you love a good story, I definitely recommend this one.

{three} The Believers by Zoe Heller. Joel Litvinoff is a successful defense lawyer known for his radical leftist views. When he suddenly collapses from a stroke and falls into a coma, his wife Audrey, who had never been described as agreeable before, becomes increasingly acrimonious and belligerent.  Their children, rather than being brought closer together through the tragedy, only grow further apart. Karla isn’t happy in her marriage yet she goes along with her husband in the pursuit of becoming adoptive parents. Rosa has found her life’s purpose in the worst possible place (according to her parents), the Jewish Orthodox Church. Finally, their adopted son Lenny is struggling with drug addiction. One big happy family. Despite my feelings toward the characters that ranged from abhorrence to disdain, I loved this book and couldn’t put it down.

What are you reading right now? 

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Bright Color Week: A Little Color

Yesterday I went big in the color game, combining several bold, bright hues. Today I thought I’d take a more subtle approach by starting with a neutral base and adding small pops of color. I chose this light gray gingham shirt and white jeans so that my hot pink necklace and chartreuse belt would really stand out.

I love how color, whether it’s a little or a lot, can really transform a look. Since I added the “From the Archives” section to the bottom of my posts, I’ve been looking at old outfits and posts with fresh eyes. Maybe it’s because I just completed three capsule wardrobe cycles full of lots of neutrals, but the archived posts that I like best and want to recreate are the ones with bold, interesting, and sometimes unexpected color combinations. Based on that and on the way I feel when I wear color, I’m going to make “dress colorfully” my motto for the rest of the summer. Who’s with me?

What’s your own color philosophy? Are you typically drawn to colorful or more neutral looks? 

neutral look with bright accents |

summer look with neutral base and bright colors |

 neutral summer look with bright pops of color |

Gray gingham shirt: J.Crew Factory | white jeans: Loft | pink necklace: Bauble Bar | chartreuse belt: Loft | embellished sandals: Target

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Bright Color Week: A Lot of Color

Happy summer! Yesterday was the official start to the season (and also Father's Day--hope all the dads had a good one!), although doesn't it seem like summer arrived a while ago? Regardless of its official arrival now or it's unofficial arrival on Memorial Day, to me, summer is the time to break out your brightest colors.

Today I have a look that showcases how to wear a lot of color; come back tomorrow to see bright colors as an accent rather than the main event. I used this colorful floral skirt as a jumping off point for this look. Starting with a printed piece that incorporates a lot of different colors makes it easier to combine bright colors you may not typically think to combine. However, because all the colors in my look can be found in the skirt, it still looks cohesive and not like I got dressed in the dark (or at Carter's).

Do you have a method for wearing lots of colors together? 

Summer Bright Color Look |

mixing bold bright colors for summer |

bright color mix |

Turquoise tee: Target | floral skirt: Target | earrings: Etsy | necklace: Anthropologie | yellow sandals: Steve Madden

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Weekly Eats: Routine Shake-ups and Project Food Budget

While I love trying new recipes, I tend to get stuck in a routine when it comes to the types of recipes I make. Therefore you see a lot of Asian stir-fries, burrito bowls, and other similar dishes in my weekly roundup. However, this week I decided to shake things up just a little with a few twists on our usual fare. I swapped out rice for quinoa in a burrito bowl, baked rather than stir-fried an Asian peanut chicken, and swapped out fish for ground beef tacos (a dinnertime staple that rarely makes the blog).

How do you change up your usual dinner routine? 

Clockwise from top right: 

{one} chicken quinoa burrito bowls from Gimme Some Oven. (And I totally, yet unintentionally, tried to style my burrito bowl just like Ali's. #foodbloggerwannabe) So, so good. I didn't miss the rice at all.

{two} fish tacos with cabbage and lime from Martha Stewart. If you want a quick dinner, these fish tacos deliver. Thin tilapia fillets really cook up in no time flat. Ground beef tacos are usually what I think of when I want a quick and easy taco night, but these were a surprisingly easy (and healthy!) substitute.

{three} thai peanut chicken from Budget Bytes. You tell me Thai peanut anything and I'm there, fork in hand. This chicken had great flavor, but I found it a little difficult to eat. We used wings and drumsticks, which to me are really hard to eat with a knife and fork. Yet a peanut sauce doesn't make for the best finger food. I'd make this again, but maybe with boneless skinless (or larger bone-in, skin-on) chicken breasts.

Like I mentioned Tuesday, I'm joining in Project Food Budget at Emily Levenson to help keep me accountable and on-track.
  • My weekly budget: $75
  • This week's total: $74
  • Goal for next week: keep total around $60 (this is remaining budget due to previous weeks' over-spending)
  • Indulgence of the week: a tub of Blue Bunny "Bunny Tracks" ice cream. 
Other PFB bloggers:

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Converse Sneakers Week: Adding Some Funk to Basics (plus my Tulip Twist!)

For my last look for Converse sneakers week, I decided to step a bit out of my comfort zone and go for a look with a bit of an edge. I didn't venture too far out; this look is still fairly classic, but I wanted the details to bring a little funk. My chambray shirt tied at the waist, the bold red lipstick, and the patterned clutch all add a touch of funkiness to an otherwise classic tee and sneakers combo.

The pretty beaded headband I'm wearing and the fun patterned pouch are from Tulip, a clothing boutique here in Kansas City. (If you're local, be sure to check it out! If not, you can shop online too.) I'm participating in their Tulip Twist, where they give three bloggers an item (or in my case, items!) to style for a fun little contest. The winning blogger gets a gift card to Tulip. I'd love for you to vote for me here starting at 10am central! Thank you so much! 

How do you add personality to your basics? 

White graphic tee: Old Navy | chambray shirt (tied at waist): Madewell | black pants: Old Navy | beaded headband: c/o Tulip | necklace: Bauble Bar | print clutch: c/o Tulip | white sneakers: Converse via DSW

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My Summer Stay-cation Essentials

Today's The Circle linkup is all about our Summer Essentials. Be sure to head to In Its Time to check out what other bloggers can't live without this summer! 

When I think about summer, summer vacation comes to mind more often than not. Usually we try to plan some kind of getaway, even if it's just a long weekend trip. Last year we headed to St. Louis to kick off our ball park tour of America. However, this summer is all about getting ready to sell our house (in fact we're meeting with our realtor today!). So we decided that a stay-cation, while perhaps not as exciting, would be a smarter choice.

A stay-cation may not be as exciting as a real summer getaway, but it doesn't have to be boring. Here are a few of my summer stay-cation essentials.

Summer Stay-cation Essentials |

{one} Farmer's market tote bag. One of my favorite things to do here in Kansas City in the summer is go to the farmer's market. It's important to come prepared with reusable tote bags to carry home all the goodies you find. I love this cute one from!

{two} Coffee indulgence. If you're going to stay in for vacation, it's nice to treat yourself to something you maybe wouldn't usually add to your coffee. I love making iced coffee in the summer, and usually I just add cream and sugar. However, for a special treat I'll add vanilla flavored syrup instead.

{three} Picnic gear. What better time to go on a picnic than when you're enjoying a stay-cation? Jona loves being outside, so eating outside on a blanket will be a real treat. Going on a picnic was one of my June goals, so my fingers are crossed that we'll get a non-rainy weekend soon.

{four} Royals gear. We can't stay-cation in Kansas City without going to a Royals game! Unfortunately, I've been wearing the same tee shirt over and over again this season, so I think I'm due for a new one.

{five} A good book. Having a good book or two to dive into is a must for vacations and stay-cations alike. I've heard a lot about The Girl on the Train lately, I think it would be the perfect fast-paced stay-cation read.

{six} Beauty treat. I'm not much of a spa person. It's just not something I spend money on, nor is it something I typically have time to treat myself to at home. However, a stay-cation is the perfect time to indulge in a little beauty treat. I'd love to try a new nail color and give myself a full pedicure complete with a soak in the tub.

What are your stay-cation essentials? Also, are you heading anywhere fun this summer? I'd love to live vicariously through your travels! 

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Converse Sneakers Week: Sporty Meets Feminine

Yesterday I paired my favorite Converse sneakers with stripes and distressed jeans, a go-to weekend look for me lately. Another look I love is pairing sneakers with a skirt or a dress, which instantly adds a sporty element to an otherwise feminine look.

I like the sporty trend, but for me, it only works in small doses. Sneakers here, a baseball tee there, but anything more than that and it just doesn’t look like me. I’m definitely more spectator than ball player, so I want a look that says “Let’s go watch some baseball,” and not “Throw her the baseball.” I had a very short-lived stint on a softball team with friends; I’m pretty sure I hit the ball one time. That’s a TOTAL of one time for the whole season. I got so excited about it when I did hit it that I tripped and fell on my way to first base and of course got tagged out. Good times.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate the sporty trend into your style? 

sporty feminine look with white sneakers and chambray skirt |

chambray skirt with white sneakers and striped cardigan |

 wsporty feminine look with striped cardigan and chambray skirt |

Striped cardigan: Loft | navy tee: J.Crew Factory | chambray dot skirt: Target | necklace: Etsy | white sneakers: Converse via DSW

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Project: Food Budget

I'll also be linking up on Friday to Project Food Budget at Emily Levenson. Since her posts (and the rest of the group) are on Tuesdays, I wanted to share a little today about why I decided to join in case anyone wanders over here from PFB. I'm late to join AND not posting on the right day... quite a departure from my usual rule-following ways. Anyway, I'm joining Project Food Budget because budgeting in general is a big part of my life (like it or not) and every week I push myself to stay on-budget at the grocery store. Friday I'll share my menu and how I did this week when it comes to spending. Thanks Emily for including me despite my rebellious ways! :) 

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Converse Sneakers Week: Modern Classic Style

Hey, how was your weekend? Mine was another busy, but fun one. The highlights were shopping and food trucks, so I'm certainly not complaining. Anyway, for all the running around I've been doing lately, you won't catch me in a pair of uncomfortable shoes. I’ve been wearing my white Converse sneakers like crazy lately, because they’re cute, comfortable, and perfect for spring and summer.

Last week I featured my chambray dress all week, but this week it’s all about my Converse sneakers. Today I paired them with my favorite ripped up jeans and classic stripes. This modern classic combination is probably my most-worn formula for Converse sneakers; I love how they look paired with classic stripes and something more modern, like these jeans.

What are your go-to “running around” shoes? 

stripes and sneakers weekend look |

modern classic weekend look with white sneakers |

modern classic weekend look with white sneakers |

weekend look with stripes and white sneakers |

Navy striped blouse: J.Crew Factory | jeans: c/o MODE | leather cuff bracelet: Nickel & Suede | white sneakers: Converse via DSW

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Weekly Eats: Eat the Rainbow (or the Stoplight)

I’ve always heard to eat healthy you should eat the rainbow every day. There are certainly days I want to mix a handful of m&ms into a bowl of ice cream and call it good. However, I usually try to cook healthy meals during the week so I can indulge in that ice cream every night on the weekends. This week I tried to incorporate lots of color in my meals, and while I can’t say we really ate the rainbow, I can say we at least ate a stoplight. Baby steps. 

Weekly Eats - Colorful Menu |

Clockwise from top right: 

{green} Sheet Pan Roasted Garlic-Parmesan Chicken Tenders and Green Beans from Cooking Classy. This recipe is a tried and true concept that’s done in a new (to me) way. I love breaded, oven-baked chicken, but I typically go the flour-egg-breadcrumbs route. This one is different in that it’s dipped in a garlic-olive oil mixture (yum!) and then in breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. Really good! I love oven-roasted veggies but I’ve never tried it with green beans before. I think I left them in for a little too long, but Aaron loved them! I prefer a little more crunch to my green beans.

{red} Soy Sauce Noodles from Love and Olive Oil. You can say I have a healthy obsession with trying new stir-fry type dishes, and it’s true. It’s just that they always sound so good, and when a new one comes along I can’t help but add it to my What’s for Dinner? Pinterest board. What makes this one interesting is that you brown the noodles (I just used regular spaghetti) in the skillet so they get a little crispy. I used a red bell pepper instead of the carrot, because I can’t get enough red bell pepper right now. I also added leftover pork from the meal below because holy pork tenderloin did I end up having a lot of it.

{yellow} Crock Pot Brown Sugar Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin from Food 52 with cherries and corn on the cob. This is hands down my favorite recipe for pork tenderloin in the crock pot. The pork comes out so tender and juicy, and I love that there’s hardly any fat to deal with. I was running late the day I made this so instead of glazing the pork as it finished cooking, I just drizzled it on after shredding it, and it was still delicious! 

Do you try to eat the rainbow every day? Do you have any tips for getting more color in your diet?

From the archives: 

Chambray Dress Week: Date Night

Earlier this week I styled my chambray dress for the weekend and for work; today I'm making it date night-ready. For Aaron and I, date nights don't happen as often as they did before we had Jona, but we still make a point to go out together at least once a month. Our favorite thing to do together is go out to eat (shocking, I know), and this would be perfect for a dinner date.

Although this chambray dress is fairly casual, it can be dressed up easily enough with my "dress up formula," which is heels and a statement necklace. Adding these two items is my go-to solution any time I want to take a look from day to evening.

What's your favorite way to dress up a daytime dress? 

Chambray dress: Gap | necklace: Bauble Bar | leopard belt: Gap Outlet | black and tan heels: Old Navy

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Picky Toddler Success Stories with EZPZ

I've lamented before about my struggles with Jona and eating. He's 21 months old now, but it was at about 13 or 14 months that he went from eating everything to stubbornly refusing most of the things he once enthusiastically gobbled up. While I know I can't magically transform him back to the chubby little baby who scarfed down meatballs and sweet potatoes with glee, I'm hoping to help him expand his palate beyond macaroni and cheese and peanut butter toast, a little at a time.

Jona's picky tendencies are frustrating enough, but when you add in a mess on top of that I'm exhausted before dinner's even over. While I don't have the first problem solved, I recently had the opportunity to try a product that helps with the second. I was sent an EZPZ happy mat to try, and I absolutely love it. Made of BPA-free silicone, it's a flexible mat that is plate and place-mat in one. It sticks to the table (really sticks!) when Jona is eating, but when he's done I can just pick up the whole thing and put it in the dishwasher. That is a must for me--ain't nobody got time to wash dishes by hand.

Toddler Eating with EZPZ |

Since the adorable yet functional happy mat keeps me from worrying about the mess, I have more time to find new foods for Jona to try. Here are a few recent toddler-friendly recipes that I consider to be successes. (I don't set the bar too high here; if he doesn't spit it out, I'll call it a success.)

Smoothie for breakfast - sneak in some veggies |

{one} Berry Green Smoothie from Damn Delicious. Other than the occasional strawberry or blackberry seed (I used a mix of berries instead of just blueberries) that Jona found somewhat offensive, this smoothie was a hit. The fact that I was able to sneak spinach in there and he drank it, happily oblivious, makes me want to find more smoothie recipes immediately.

Cauliflower Pizza on EZ PZ Happy Mat |

{two} Mini Cauliflower Pizzas from Damn Delicious. I talked a little about these in last week's Weekly Eats, but this one is perfect for grabby little toddler hands! Pizza is Jona's absolute favorite meal, and he would never guess that this yummy pizza crust is made from a veggie on his no list.

3 Ingredient Pancakes - EZ PZ Happy Mat |

{three} Three Ingredient Pancakes from Zoom Yummy. I first saw this recipe on In Residence, where Anne said they were a hit at her house. Typically I make peanut butter toast for Jona's breakfast, since it's quick and healthy and I know he'll eat it, but these sounded too good and easy to pass up. It was a smart move on my part--Jona gobbled them up. He quickly ate one pancake and asked for more.

Thanks so much to EZPZ for my Happy Mat!

From the archives: 

Chambray Dress Week: Styled for Work

Yesterday I styled my chambray dress for the weekend, and today I'm taking it to work. I love the ease of wearing a dress to work. On weekdays I almost always choose my clothes the night before, but if I forget or change my mind in the morning it's nice to pull out a dress and not have to think to much about how to wear it.

To change the look of this chambray dress a little, I swapped out the belt it came with for a brown leather one. I also added a scarf because I swear the higher the temperatures climb outside, the colder my office gets inside. Finally, I added neutral wedges; they're comfortable but still look polished. This is a look that I repeat regularly for work.

I'm lucky that my office is pretty casual and I have quite a bit of flexibility with what I can wear. Does your job have a dress code? What do you wear on a typical day? 

Chambray dress for work with scarf and wedges |

Chambray Dress for Work |

Chambray Dress with Scarf for Work |

Chambray Dress: Gap | navy print scarf: Old Navy | brown leather belt: Loft | beige wedges: Old Navy 

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Chambray Dress Week: Weekend-Ready

I'm going to try something new starting this week for style posts, simply because I've been getting a little bored with my post planning. I'm going to pick an item or a theme each week and base two or three style posts on that theme. This week I'm basing my looks around one of my favorite purchases this season, my chambray dress.

Today my chambray dress is ready for the type of weekend I've been having lately, one filled with a lot of going. I love wearing dresses in the spring and summer-time, it's so easy to just throw one on and go. I had some credit to Twice so I treated myself to these floral sneakers, and they're the perfect weekend addition to this dress. If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I gave in and bought myself the Madewell Transport Tote with my birthday money, so it's been a weekend necessity as well. Goodbye purse AND diaper bag, hello one consolidated (and gorgeous) bag.

How do you make your weekday dresses weekend-ready? 

chambray dress and floral sneakers for the weekend |

chambray dress with leather tote and floral sneakers for the weekend |

chambray dress styled for the weekend |

floral sneakers for the weekend |

Chambray dress: Gap | leather cuff bracelet: Nickel and Suede | leather tote: Madewell | floral sneakers: Gap via Twice

Come back tomorrow to see how I style my chambray dress for work.

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