Weekly Eats: Surf, Turf, and Grill

Now that we have freezer space (we bought a deep freeze last year), I love buying meat when it goes on sale and then freezing it until we're ready to use it. No more "chicken is on sale so we're eating it ALL WEEK LONG!" Because of that, I usually have a variety of things to choose from when it comes to dinner. This week it was a fish dish, a steak dish, and chicken on the grill.

Clockwise from top right: 

1. Fish taco bowls from The Live-in Kitchen. This was actually my Mother's Day dinner; we decided to stay in instead of facing restaurant crowds. Aaron offered to cook and this was my request. He did a great job, it was so light and fresh and delicious! 

2. Broiled steak with feta cream sauce from The Kitchn with corn on the cob. I like steak, but I'll be honest, it was the feta cream sauce that was what I really wanted to try here. It came out less like a sauce and more like steak frosting (just go with it) but whatever the texture, it was wonderful. 

3. Grilled honey mustard rosemary chicken with golden skillet potatoes, both from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. Sometimes grilled chicken can be kind of bland and boring, but I promise you that this chicken is far from it! It was packed with flavor from the honey, mustard, and fragrant fresh rosemary. The skillet potatoes didn't cook as evenly as I had hoped, but I think that has more to do with my baby-boomer-aged stove-top and less to do with the recipe itself. Next time I'll just stick with the oven-roasted variety. 

What was on your menu this week? 

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