Weekly Eats: Spring Greens and Yellows

Lately I've been wanting to fill my plate with lots of green (like asparagus and chimichurri sauce) and yellow (like yukon golds and lemon). What is it about spring that makes you want everything to be lighter and brighter? We're attempting (for the millionth time I swear) to grow some herbs, so I hope to have even more green on my plate in the coming weeks. They usually succumb to death by heat or by bird, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Do you grow any of your own herbs or vegetables? What's your favorite? (Mine's basil.) 

Weekly Eats: Spring Greens and Yellows | www.shealennon.com

Clockwise from top right: 

1. Steak with Chimichurri from The Kitchn with orzo with snap peas. Mmm, chimichurri! It's like pesto's sassy little sister. Made with a mix of fresh herbs, vinegar, lime juice, garlic and a few spices (cumin and coriander), this sauce is the perfect topper for a grilled steak. It's very versatile and would be good with lots of different meats and veggies. As a side, I made some orzo and threw in some snap peas while the pasta cooked. (Two sides in one? Always a win.) 

2. Pan-fried flounder with garlic, lemon, and parsley adapted from Love and Olive Oil with oven-roasted fingerling potatoes. The only real adaptation here is that I made this recipe with flounder instead of trout, which is what the original recipe called for. Although I had a bit of a battle with my skillet (I won, thankyouverymuch) this fish was delicious! So light and flavorful. 

3. Cheese-stuffed chicken breasts from The Kitchn with roasted asparagus. When a recipe starts with "cheese-stuffed" anything, you can usually count me in. This is a meal that looks relatively fancy (although the plate needs one more thing I think) but was super easy to prepare. After you stuff the chicken with the cheese and toss the asparagus on a sheet pan, the oven does most of the work. 

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