The Classics + The Fun: Jogger Pants

Yesterday I talked about one of my wardrobe staples, my chambray shirt. Today I'm wearing something that's almost the opposite of that, these trendy jogger pants. For me I think it's important to have a little bit of both in my wardrobe; the majority is made up of classic pieces, but I try to add in some "fun" too so I don't get bored.

These pants definitely fall into the "fun" category, and when I bought them I wanted to challenge myself to wear them to work as well as just dressed up, which is my favorite way to see them styled. So today it's a work-friendly joggers look, and while I kept the formula basically the same as the last time I wore them, the specific elements themselves make it more work-ready than night out-ready.

What's a "fun" piece in your wardrobe? 

Jogger pants styled for work |

Joggers with cardigan and wedges for work |

Joggers with cardigan and wedges |

Mint cardigan: Gap Outlet | navy t-shirt: J.Crew Factory | navy print joggers: Gap | necklace: Towne & Reese | bracelet: Oia Jewels | wedge sandals: Old Navy

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