Summer Wishlist: For the Growing Toddler Boy

I certainly don't want to hurry spring along, but as the days get longer and warmer, I'm reminded that summer is on the horizon. There are plenty of things on my own wishlist (stay tuned, I'll share that one next week), but I have a little growing boy who is badly in need of summer gear. Although there are a few things that still fit from last summer, the majority of his shorts and other summer gear would make him look very fat-toddler-in-a-little-coat. And shoes...I feel like we just got bigger shoes but it seems it's time to size up again!

Lucky for him his grandma and I have a shopping trip planned for the near future (read: tomorrow) and I hope to pick up a few of these things. 

summer 2015 wishlist for toddler boy |

{one} striped tee. We can never have enough tee shirts for this kid, who I swear wears more food than he actually eats. I love this lightweight striped version from GapKids. 

{two} sun hat. I anticipate a lot of time spent outdoors this summer, and to keep Jona's chubby cheeks from turning the color of that tee shirt, I plan a two-pronged approach. One, lots of sunscreen. Two, a cute floppy hat that he will (hopefully) keep on at least some of the time. 

{three} sunglasses. I'm not sure what's cuter than babies and toddlers in little mini shades, do you? Jona actually loves putting on his sunglasses, and usually he'll keep them on for a while. He's nearly outgrown his baby pair, but I think he'd be one cool dude in this red pair from Carter's

{four} sneakers. Jona has a cute pair of navy blue Toms that I love, but I don't love how easy they are for him to take off (every. single. time. he's in the car-seat). These Stride Rite tennies are equally cute, but look a little more toddler-proof. 

{five} shorts. I love this cute, soft red, cuffed pair from Old Navy. I'd also like to pick up a few more pairs in neutral hues. 

{six} sandal alternatives. I swear, I could write a whole blog post on the lack of cute sandals for little boys. Why are they all so terribly ugly? Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places, but the sandal selection I've seen for toddler boys is abysmal. I whined to Anne about it and she told me about Native shoes for kids, and now I really want to get Jona a pair. 

What are your summer must-haves?  

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