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One of my goals this month was to finish my dining room shelves; they'd been looking pretty bare with one lonely piece of art on each shelf. Since buying new prints for a house we're hoping to put on the market soon didn't make sense, I turned to Pinterest for my shelf-styling needs. As usual, it did not disappoint.

I hit up Michael's when they were having a sale on blank canvases, and I decided to DIY a few pieces of art. The first one I tried was this lyrics painting from A Beautiful Mess. I chose to paint the chorus from Watch the Wind Blow By by Tim McGraw, because it was Aaron's and my wedding song. Rather than freehand with paint (too scary!) I wrote it out in pencil first. However, I wish I had just thrown caution to the wind and forgotten the pencil, because you can see it a little if you look closely.

Lyrics Art DIY inspired by A Beautiful Mess |

The second art DIY I tried was even easier; no paint, just a blank canvas and some washi tape. I actually love the way these look, although I had some trouble with one of the washi tape varieties not sticking to the canvas very well. Again, from far away it looks fine, but upon closer inspection the tape on the larger canvas doesn't lay flat. Maybe I should paint over it with mod podge? Thoughts?

I still need one more little thing for the top shelf, but otherwise I consider this a success.

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Easy DIY art to dress up your shelves |

Have you tackled any Pinterest projects lately? 

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