Mood Board / Food Board: 15 Things to Eat Right Now

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When I think of mood boards, I think of two things: one, the binders and posters I made in my high school fashion classes, and two, Pinterest. Since I shared a lot about my current style mood board (or Pinterest board) on my recent Spring Inspirations post, I thought I'd make this mood board all about one of my favorite things: food.

So here's my mood board / food board; 15 things that I want to make right now. I'm considering it my spring and summer kitchen bucket list. Now lets get to checking!

15 things to eat right now - spring food crushes |

Top row: 

{one} strawberry shortcake greek yogurt hack from Chasing Davies. I'm always on the hunt for snacks that are healthy and filling, and this one is both. It also looks perfectly easy to pack in a lunch bag and bring to work, which is another essential for snacking. 

{two} country breakfast bowls from Budget Bytes. You know me and my quest of late to improve my breakfast routine. If these little freezable bowls wouldn't fill me up in the morning, I don't know what would. I plan to give these a try ASAP. 

{three} berry green smoothie from Damn Delicious. I mentioned in my May Goals post that I wanted to try a new smoothie recipe. This one looks like the winner with the perfect balance of tasty berries and healthy spinach. 

Second row: 

{four} chocolate peanut butter no-bake energy bites from Gimme Some Oven. I feel like I've had some version of this pinned since I first got a Pinterest account, and I'm ashamed to say I still haven't made the dang things! But they look so good, so easy, and they're pretty healthy, so why the heck not? 

{five} chocolate chip granola from Brown Eyed Baker. I love granola; yogurt, berries, and granola is one of my favorite go-to snacks that I never get tired of. However, I always buy my granola and have never tried to make it myself. I've heard it's pretty easy to make, so I'd love to try this chocolaty version.

{six} bacon and avocado bagel sandwiches from Everyday Reading. What can I say about this, other than yum? I would gladly eat this little sandwich for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

Third row: 

{seven} thai quinoa salad with ginger peanut dressing from Ambitious Kitchen. I don't make a lot of salads. I'm the only one who will eat them around here, and the poor greens start to get all sad and wilty looking before I can finish them off. However, this quinoa salad looks like it would stay nice and fresh if I made a big batch for work week lunches. 

{eight} greek chicken pasta with olives and feta from The Kitchn. This is another one I had in mind for take-to-work lunches when I pinned it. Tell Aaron a dish has olives and artichokes in it and he'll run screaming towards the nearest Pizza Hut, but I'd happily eat this pasta multiple days a week. 

{nine} eggplant pizzas from Eat Good 4 Life.  Since I discovered how good eggplant is, I've been on a mission to try to convince Aaron (and now Jona) to eat it. So far he's tried a few recipes, but hasn't been all that impressed. I think this may be the one that wins him over though; I mean, little mini eggplant pizzas? Come on. 

Fourth row: 

{ten} cheesy crescent roll waffle bites from Sweet Treats and More. While I don't see Jona being an eggplant fiend anytime soon, I DO see this one being right up his little cheese-and-carbs alley. And let's face it, it would be right up mine too. 

{eleven} mini mac and cheese bites from Snack Girl. This is another one with Jona written all over it. But what he doesn't know, and won't ever find out (insert cackle here), is that there's cauliflower in it too. Sneaky veggies for the win. 

{twelve} grilled artichoke with lemon garlic aioli from Camille Styles. We tend to get stuck in veggie and side dish ruts around here, and this would be the perfect thing to pull us out. Instead of our grilling side stand by of corn on the cob or potatoes, I'd love to switch things up with these pretty little artichokes instead. 

Last row: 

{thirteen} salted chocolate chunk cookies from Smitten Kitchen. While I'm pretty set on my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (Jacques Torres' recipe as seen on Martha Stewart), I do like to try new ones from time to time. When Deb from Smitten Kitchen says she's found a good one, well, you listen and then get to baking. 

{fourteen} nutella oatmeal cookie shake from How Sweet it is. I haven't made a milkshake in a good long time, and that needs to change. This one sounds positively dreamy. 

{fifteen} pineapple sangria from How Sweet it is. I'm not a big cocktail drinker; give me wine or beer and I'm a pretty happy gal. However, I make an exception for sangria, and this summery pineapple version sounds like something I want to sit outside and sip all season long. 

What's on your current mood board (food or non-food)? 

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