Lace Top for a Night Out

Dabbling in capsule wardrobes and living out of a pared-down closet has made me into a sort of closet drill sergeant. I don't have the space nor the money for all the clothes that I want, so I train what I do have to work harder. Lucky for my wardrobe, I'm better at style boot camp than I'll ever be at the physical kind (although if you want to see fifty shades of beet red, watch me try).

This lace blouse is one example of a piece that I've whipped into shape to be ready to wear to work, on weekends, and on a night out. Since the bulk of my time is spent working and momming, I don't devote a whole lot of closet space to "going out" clothes (more on that here). So when I find an item that begs to be taken out on the town, I usually make sure it will pass the work or weekend test as well.

Do you like your clothes to work for all the different areas of your life, or do you have separate clothes for work and play? 

lace top for a night out |

lace top with distressed jeans |

lace top for a night out |

lace top with layered necklaces |

Lace top: Loft | jeans: c/o MODE | turquoise necklace: c/o eNVe Designs | gold spike necklace: Etsy | sandals: Old Navy 

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