Day Off Striped Dress

I took the day off Friday, and other than taking Ellie to the vet I didn't do much of anything, which was absolutely wonderful. I did a little shopping and found a few things on sale at Gap, which I'll show off soon. Other than that, I did a little blog reading, book reading, and even fit in a short nap. As busy as this month as been, having a day off to recharge was exactly what I needed.

While I bought this dress to take me from work to weekend, it has unfortunately been relegated to weekends and days off only. Despite following the laundering instructions, it sure did shrink a good couple of inches after I washed it! I feel like this has happened a few times with dresses I bought at Old Navy. I don't know if I need to stop drying them (despite what the tag says) or stop buying them.

So, a bit random, but that's my story for today. How did you spend your last day off? 

Jean Jacket with Striped Dress |

denim jacket, striped dress, white sneakers |

jean jacket, stripes, statement necklace, sneakers |

Denim Jacket with Stripes and a Statement Necklace |

Jean jacket: Gap |  striped dress: Old Navy | pink necklace: Bauble Bar | white sneakers: Converse

Other ways I've worn my jean jacket: 

Denim Jacket worn 3 Ways |

{1 | 2 | 3}

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the last Your Spring Style linkup - show off  what you're wearing for spring celebrations!

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  1. Good for you for taking Friday off. For a couple of months now, I am always off on Fridays. Look who i wearing a very similar striped dress today. Yep, me. Great minds think alike. I always love a striped dress paired with white sneakers, a denim jacket and even better - adding a statement necklace like you did here.

    Looking forward to see your Gap purchases, too.

    P.S. Are we following each-other on Bloglovin yet?

    Happy Monday, Shea!

  2. Thanks Ada--having every Friday off sounds wonderful, that sounds like a great plan! And yay for striped dresses! Can't wait to check your look out.
    Now following you on Bloglovin too :)
    Happy Monday to you too!

  3. Bummer that it shrunk, but now it shows off your great legs! That sounds like a great day! Good for you for relaxing!

  4. Thanks and you are welcome. You look great.

    Please remind me what the theme is tomorrow for the last link-up for Spring? Thanks.

  5. Thank you lady! Ha, it shows off a little TOO much of these white legs...I may end up just turning this dress into a t-shirt (if I can master that simple sewing project, we'll see...). And the relaxing was wonderful! :)

  6. Oh yes, sorry--meant to put on this post and forgot..oops!!
    It is spring celebrations! Thanks Ada!

  7. Oh no on the shrinking! But it looks like a nice casual dress for days off for sure! And that sounds like a great day off! Sometimes those are just needed!

  8. I know it, right!? I hate it when that happens! And yes I totally agree--I NEEDED that day off. But today going to work was even more of an effort...

  9. I bet your husband likes the dress more now. :) I never dry most of my clothes. I pretty much hang dry everything because I'm so afraid of shrinkage. Days off are so wonderful and necessary. Glad you got one.

  10. Hehe yes he does :) I really should (obviously) hang dry more things--it's pretty much laziness that keeps me from doing that. I just feel like if the tag says to dry it I should be able to do maybe it's a little stubbornness too!
    And yes, it was totally wonderful and much needed! :)

  11. Well it's awfully cute with a denim jacket and sneakers... but definitely weekend length ;) How nice to have a day off to yourself - sounds perfect.

  12. My Old Navy dress shrunk a ton too! I think maybe I need to get a larger size next time...I just love their casual dresses so much.


    Pink Wings

  13. Thanks Anne, and yes, I agree...pretty dang short. Even on the weekend I felt a little exposed (not used to wearing things quite this short!). I may actually try to turn it into a top, we'll see.
    And yes, it was pretty perfect!

  14. I hate that!! I agree, they do have such a great selection of casual dresses, but what's the deal with all the frustrating!

  15. how did i miss this?? i love stripes, so i'm glad i found this post. i need a striped dress in my life!

  16. Thanks Elle! I'm such a stripes-lover too! I love this one from ON but be warned, it shrinks! :/


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