Winter Capsule Roundup: March Go-To Looks

Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm bidding adieu to my winter capsule. The whole month of March felt like a drawn-out goodbye to winter. We had some cold days, so I'm glad I didn't pull out all the spring clothes on March 1st, but for the most part I just wanted to be done with winter and everything related to it. I did have a few go-to combos to get me through the last month of winter wear.

{one} stripes with everything. As you know, stripes are a favorite of mine no matter the season, but this month in particular I was hitting my favorite pattern hard. If I'm not sure what to wear or I'm feeling uninspired, I just reach for a striped top and always end up with a look that feels like "me."

3 ways to wear stripes |

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{two} chambray layers. My love affair with chambray just keeps getting stronger, friends. This month I was all about wearing my trusty chambray shirt unbuttoned as a light jacket. I hope you're not weary of this wardrobe staple, because I can promise that she'll be staying in the line-up for spring.

chambray for work and weekend |

{ 1 | 2 }

{three} add a little color. So in January, my song was "neutrals are everything!" Gray, navy, camel, black, white...all music to my ears. Well, since I turned my calendar to March, I've changed my tune. Now I hum along to "for the love of all things holy, can I get some color!?" So this month I've done what I can to add a little color to the neutral jungle.

ways to add a little color to a look |

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{for fun} winter capsule least worn item awards. Although I didn't track every outfit I wore this winter, there are a few items that stand out to me that I wore significantly less than other items. These items get the "least worn" award and for several of them, their prize is a trip to the donation bin (or consignment shop).

least worn items from winter capsule |

What have been some winning combinations for you this month? What items did you think you would wear this winter but have not? 

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From the archives: 

Blazer and a Shirtdress, 3 Seasons in 1

Today will be the last look from my winter capsule wardrobe, and no tears will be shed over its departure. In fact, I've been cheating on it a little and have already started wearing many of my spring capsule items. I like the idea of having some time to transition my wardrobe rather than picking an arbitrary day to move one season out and one season in. The weather doesn't work that way, so why should my closet? (It's taken me some time to come to grips with that, but it's true.)

To me, this look actually looks like fall. So it's spring, I'm wearing winter clothes but I look like fall. All I need is a summery margarita in my hand and I'd have all four seasons covered.

Do you have a distinct wardrobe for each season or do you prefer to have all your clothes available year-round? Are you like me in that the size of your closet dictates this decision? 

Camel Blazer with Print Shirtdress

Blazer, shirtdress and ankle boots for spring.

Camel Blazer and Print Shirtdress

Camel blazer: Target / navy print shirtdress: Ann Taylor Factory / necklace: Target / taupe ankle boots: Crown Vintage via DSW

Other ways I've worn a camel blazer: 

Camel Blazer 3 Ways

{ 1 | 2 | 3 }

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Here's a little more information about each week's linkup: 
  •  April 7: Spring Transitions. Show how you're taking a piece from your colder-weather wardrobe and transforming it for spring. 
  • April 14: Spring Essentials. What are your must-haves for a spring wardrobe? Share your list and how you're wearing one or more of those items. 
  • April 21: Spring Inspirations. Share some Pins, colors, or other images that are inspiring your spring wardrobe, and how you're putting them into action in your own looks. 
  • April 28: Spring Celebrations. Share how you're getting fancy this spring! It can be anything from what you're wearing to a wedding to a night out with friends--any occasion that you're taking your wardrobe up a notch. 

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Weekly Eats: My Tips for Stress-Free Meals

I love to cook and it's a great stress-reliever for me at the end of the day. However, during the week I don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. I save long, leisurely meals for Sunday night, but during the week I try to keep things quick and easy. Here are a few things I do to help myself get dinner on the table during the week:
  • Repurpose ingredients. For the chicken and potato supper I made on Sunday, I made extra chicken so that I could use it on the BBQ chicken pizza. 
  • Have a few go-to meals, like burgers, that are always good and come together quickly. 
  • Choose meals that will use up things you already have in the kitchen. For example, the burrito bowls below are great for using up leftover rice, beans, and veggies. 
  • Use a mix of homemade and store-bought ingredients. I love homemade pizza dough, but when I don't have any in the freezer I just let the store help me out and use refrigerated dough. It may not be quite as tasty, but it's still pizza! 

Stress Free Meals Menu

Clockwise from top left: 

1. Chicken and Potatoes Sheet Pan Supper from The Kitchn. This was such a nice Sunday supper. The prep is pretty easy, just make the olive oil and lemon zest rub and slather it on some bone-in chicken and cut up potatoes. Then the oven does the rest of the work. Simple and delicious. 

2. Mini Greek Burgers adapted from Martha Stewart. Rather than lamb, I made these with ground beef, but they turned out delicious. Aaron said, "this tastes like something you would get at a restaurant" which certainly made me happy! I really liked them too, especially with sweet red bell peppers, cool tzatziki sauce and feta cheese. So much flavor! 

3. Homemade Burrito Bowls from Iowa Girl Eats. This is a family favorite; I've made it many times before. This time I substituted pork for the chicken since I had a couple of pork chops I needed to use. Both taste great! This is one of those add-whatever-you've-got-lying-around type of dishes, and I love all the layers of flavor it has. Luckily avocados were on sale, so I made the most of it and went a little avocado-crazy on mine. (Why not? I'm the only one who eats them around here!)

4. BBQ Chicken Pizza from The Kitchn. BBQ Chicken Pizza has become a new favorite for a quick-fix midweek meal. For this one, I used chicken that I had leftover from Sunday night's sheet pan supper. I just rolled out a can of pizza dough (which I don't love, but it does the job), spread on a mixture of barbecue sauce and tomato sauce (great combo!), and topped with chicken and cheese. Easy, filling, and oh so good. 

How do you get dinner on the table during the week?

Weekly Eats at Shea Lennon

From the archives: 

Pinterest-inspired Photo Display - 1000th Post!

Before I begin talking about this Pinterest-inspired photo display, I had to share that this is my 1000th post! I can hardly believe that I've written 999 posts before this one, it blows my mind a little bit. Thanks so much for reading this little blog of mine; what an amazing ride this has been!

In my March goals post, I mentioned that I wanted to update the photos that we have on the wall in our living room. We had some of Jona's newborn pictures framed and hung up, but it was time for an update. For one thing, our baby isn't much of a baby anymore; I love those sweet, sleepy newborn pics, but I love the ones that show how much he's grown too. Also, I just didn't like those ugly brown, boring frames. I came across this hanging photo display on My Only Sunshine and knew it would be the perfect update.

hanging photo display inspired by Pinterest

I know that many DIYs claim to be cheap and easy, but this one really, truly was. If you have twine or cord and thumbtacks already, all you have to purchase is the mini clothespins and washi tape (and even that isn't essential). Obviously you need to print some photos as well. It's as easy as tacking the twine to the wall and then hanging the photos with mini clothespins. Seriously, I finished this so quickly that I was able to get my own nap in during Jona's naptime!

A few tips:

  • Choose twine or cording that contrasts with the wall you're hanging it on; the display will stand out more. I chose turquoise, because it popped against the tan wall and complemented the turquoise walls in our dining room. 
  • Hang the photos on the edges and middle first, then space out the remaining photos afterwards. It makes it easier to get evenly-spaced photos. 
  • Trim (or print) the photos to make them square. This also helps them all look even and perfectly spaced. (If you care about that sort of may like a more asymmetrical look. It would drive me berserk.)
How do you display your photos? 

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From the archives: 

What I Read: March

March Books: 

What I read in March 2015

1. Sashenka by Simon Montefiore. Russia is on the brink of the Revolution, and Sashenka is a teenager from a wealthy family, but actively involved as a Bolshevik. Fast forward 20 years, and Sashenka is now married to a successful Party leader and is in every way the picture-perfect Party mother and wife. However, when tempted by an affair with a successful writer, her perfect world threatens to come crashing down. 

My thoughts: It took me a bit to get into this book, but soon enough I found myself not wanting to put it down. It may be because I had a hard time identifying with the teen-aged political rebel Sashenka, but Sashenka as a mother and wife felt closer to home. Regardless, I ended up loving (yet being heartbroken by) this book. I'd recommend, especially if you, like me, are fascinated with Russian history. 

2. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. This book has two protagonists, both are teenagers named Will Grayson. Neither knows the other exists until they happen to meet one night. One Will is trying his best to stay under the radar in high school, but it's difficult to lay low when your best friend is a larger than life, gay, and trying to enlist the whole school in the musical he's writing. Oh, and everyone calls him Tiny. Similarly, the other Will Grayson also tries to keep from attracting too much attention. However, meeting the other Will leads him to Tiny, and they hit it off, which derails his plan to go unnoticed as well. The Wills narrate the story, but Tiny and his musical are at its heart.

My thoughts: This was a quick read, and overall I liked it. I loved its focus on friendship. It did have the typical struggle to fit in/misfits against the world/teen angst themes mixed in as well, but at the end of the day this was about friendship more than anything else.

3. Brooklyn by Colm Toibin. Eilis and her sister Rose live with their mother in Ireland in the 1950s. Their mother is unable to work, and jobs are hard to come by in their small town. Eilis has an opportunity to go overseas to Brooklyn to find a job, and her mother and sister both encourage her to take it. In Brooklyn Eilis works on the shop floor of a department store, and keeps her homesickness at bay by staying busy with bookkeeping classes in the evenings. Eventually, she meets an Italian man named Tony and they fall in love and start making plans for their future. Just as she's starting to love her Brooklyn life, tragedy strikes in Ireland and she's forced to go back home.

My thoughts: I have mixed feelings about this book. Until the last part, I enjoyed reading it, but Eilis irritated me sometimes. She made decisions that went against her feelings, and I was frustrated when those decisions came back to bite her in the butt. I understand that not all stories will have a neat and tidy ending, but this one ended a little too abruptly for my taste.

Have you read anything good lately? 

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From the archives: 

Denim Faves

This week's prompt at The Creative Closet is "Your Favorite Denim." I'm pretty obsessed with denim, so asking me to choose a favorite is like asking me to choose a favorite child. Actually, it's a lot harder than that--I only have one child! (Jona's my favorite, by the way.) But I have a lot of denim, and I love all of it, so I cheated a little. I'm wearing two of my favorite denim pieces: my jean jacket and my dark skinny jeans. No surprise that those are two of my favorites, they make all-too-frequent appearances here.

I remember reading somewhere that the "athleisure" trend is starting to overtake denim. I have no idea if that's true or not, but I do know that for me, denim will always reign supreme.

Okay, what's your favorite denim? 

Jean jacket: Gap / gray stripe top: J.Crew Factory / dark skinny jeans: Gap / turquoise necklace: c/o eNVe Designs / coral flats: BCBG

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From the archives: 

LBD with Light Layers

I never thought it would be this way, but I have basketball and brackets on the brain. Sure, I've always cheered my team (Kansas State) on, but this year they're not even in the thing and I'm still checking scores and watching my (two!) brackets like a hawk. I typically lose interest by the time the Final Four rolls around (usually because (a) K-State is no longer in it and (b) none of the other teams I picked are in it either). However, whatever marketing the March Madness people are doing, it's working; this arts-loving, non-athlete, would-rather-read-than-watch-sports girl is hooked.

Okay, I know some of you are like YOU TOO?! I thought I was reading blogs to escape all this basketball crap. I'm done now, I promise.

Since now spring is officially here (not that it ever really matters--the weather does what it does), I'm starting to get my closet into shape and separate it into "keep out" and "store" sections. This little black dress will be making its way to storage, simply because I'm just not wearing it much. I wore it quite a bit during the fall, but I have other dresses that feel more spring-like. However, I did want to get one more wear out of it before I put it away, so I paired it with my favorite chambray and snakeskin flats. My feet are more than ready to make the transition to spring--in with the flats, out with the boots! I'm a pedicure away from bringing out the sandals as well.

What's something you're interested in now that you never thought you would be? 

little black dress with chambray

LBD for spring

LBD, chambray shirt, bright pink necklace

Chambray shirt: Madewell / black dress: c/o eShakti / pink necklace: Bauble Bar / snakeskin flats: Target

Other ways I've worn this LBD: 

LBD 2 ways remix

{ 1 | 2 }

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From the archives:

Weekly Eats: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Planning our menu is one of my favorite things to do. I love looking at the grocery store ad to see what's on sale, and then scouring my "What's for Dinner" Pinterest board to see what recipes I want to try. I try to do a combination of old favorites and new recipes, but any time there's something new involved there's always a risk of it turning out disastrously. Most of the time I know our tastes well enough to know what we'll like, but on occasion I try something that's a big fat fail. That was the case this week.

weekly eats dinner menu

Clockwise from top right: 

1. Cornmeal-fried pork chops with smashed potatoes from Smitten Kitchen. Smitten Kitchen is one of the first food blogs I started reading, and her recipes always sound impeccable. I try not to make too many fried dinners, but this one looked too good not to try. The cornmeal crust was nice and crispy (mine got a little too crispy, whoops) but the inside was tender and juicy. The potatoes called for goat cheese, but I had some feta I needed to use so I threw that in there instead. Yum. I tried to balance it out a little by serving some roasted broccoli along side. 

2. Sausage and Pesto Stuffed Baked Shells. I was in the mood for stuffed shells and was trying to find a recipe, then I remembered that I had made a version I really liked a few years ago. Thank goodness for archives--I never could find the written-down version of this recipe! The stuffing is a combination of Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, and pesto. The shells are covered in marinara sauce and cheese and then baked in the oven. Mmmm. 

3. Lemon Pepper Chicken and Quinoa Rice with Lemony Green Beans with Breadcrumbs. Okay, this one was so pretty, and so easy, but you know what, it was terrible. I think the culprit was the lemon pepper. It's anyone's guess how long that lemon pepper had been in our spice cabinet, so I think that was the reason why this one just tasted, well, bad. Or, maybe I just don't love lemon pepper. However, I think if I tried another spice I would really like this, and the concept is fantastic--layer rice, quinoa (just a little), chicken, chicken broth, and seasoning in a pan, then bake in the oven. That's it! What other spice would be good, do you think? All wasn't lost, at least the green beans were good! 

Have you had any kitchen fails lately? 

From the archives: 

ClassPass in Kansas City

Since having Jona, working out has not been a part of my regular routine. A few years ago, I did Jazzercise regularly and I loved it; however, between working full time, blogging, and being a wife and mom, working out is usually the thing that falls to the bottom of the priority list. I know that taking care of my health is important, and lately I've wanted to find more time for exercise.

When ClassPass contacted me to see if I'd be interested in trying their service for a month, I didn't even hesitate to say yes. For a flat fee (around $80 depending on your area), ClassPass lets you try out different workout studios in your area. You can go to an unlimited number of classes, however, you can only visit the same studio (or company, Jazzercise, for example) 3 times per month.

ClassPass Kansas City review

ClassPass review and trying different workout studios

What I liked most: 

  • Accountablity. For me, it's all too easy to change my mind and not go to a workout. With ClassPass, you have to sign up in advance and pay a late fee if you cancel at the last minute. I liked being able to reserve a class ahead of time so that I'd be sure to put in in my calendar and actually go. 
  • Variety. This was probably my favorite feature of ClassPass, the idea that you can try so many different types of workouts. I tried a yoga class, some barre classes, and even went back to my old Jazzercise studio. If you're not sure what kind of workout you like (or you just like doing a variety of workouts), ClassPass is perfect for you. 
  • User-Friendly. The website is so easy to use, it tracks the classes you've taken and shows a calendar of classes available to reserve. Once you reserve a class it emails you your reservation and then sends you a reminder the day before the class. On the reservation, it also clearly shows the address of the studio, what you need to bring (if anything), and how early to arrive. 
I had a great experience with ClassPass, and I think it's an awesome concept. I absolutely loved having the opportunity to try it, and therefore try some classes I may never have had the chance to. Thanks ClassPass!

ClassPass Kansas City

What's your workout routine? 

From the archives: 

Favorite Toddler Toys

If we're not careful, our house could easily get taken over by toys (and books, but that's not all Jona's fault). We've purchased very few of these toys ourselves; for the most part they've been gifts. I'm certainly not complaining about that, because when Jona gets fun toys from family members, that means we can buy him things like diapers or socks for his birthday and he won't be mad about it.

However, I feel that when I'm on the other side, the one who's doing the giving, I never know what to get unless the child is the same age (or younger than) Jona. So today I'm rounding up a few of Jona's favorite toys (and a few not-toys). I hope that this list helps you the next time you have a toddler to shop for.

favorite toddler toys

1. Sound puzzles. Okay, this may not win the award for "least annoying toy" but Jona sure does love it. He has a vehicle-themed puzzle, and he loves putting it together and repeating all the noises. Also, since it has more pieces than the jumbo puzzles he loved when he was younger, it entertains him for a little longer. (Or until he gets frustrated that the fire truck doesn't fit when it's upside down.)

2. Books. Jona's favorite books could be a blog post on its own, but I'll list a few of the most-read. He still loves board books, because they make it easier for him to turn the pages, which is a must. Along with The Little Blue Truck (I talked about that obsession here), we read Bear Snores On, Where's Spot?, and Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs on a daily basis. Jona does make an exception to the board book rule for Richard Scarry books; we have his Best Mother Goose that was mine as a child and Best Storybook Ever and he adores both.

3. Animals. For Christmas Jona got a set of plastic safari animals, and they're such a hit. His favorite thing is taking them out of the bucket and putting them back in. He also likes to put the little rocks in the seat of his ride-on toy. I also like this toy because it's easy to stick a lion or rhino in my purse and pull it out when we're running an errand and boredom strikes in. Grocery shopping sucks until mom pulls a zebra out of her bag!

4. Music box. This one is right up there with the sound puzzle as far as being annoying goes, but he can't get enough of the wind-up radio that plays Farmer in the Dell. That's all it plays, again and again, but I just can't resist when he brings it to me and says "here y'go" or "peeez".

5. Not-toys. So these aren't things we received as gifts, and you may get strange looks (for some of them) if you give them, but I swear, Jona has more fun playing with some of these things than anything else. Favorite not-toys include: winter hat and mittens, sunglasses, flip flops, shoelaces (even better when they're not attached to a shoe), and a colander.

What are your favorite toys to give or get as gifts for the little loved-ones in your life? 

From the archives: 

Seasonless Style

I admit that since my post yesterday, I've started to release some of my spring wardrobe from its confinement in my basement's storage. I also admit that while I'm planning on doing a spring capsule, I haven't actually done much actual planning. Wish-listing, yes, putting pen to paper (or shirt to hanger) and making decisions, no. I'll get there.

It is nice to know that even if spring sticks around and I decide that I MUST abandon my winter wardrobe because it's just too gosh dang nice outside, I have a few seasonless pieces in my closet right now that will work no matter the weather. (Who has two thumbs and loves a run-on sentence? This girl!!) This combination of a chambray shirt, graphic tee, and skinny jeans is a weekend-ready look that I love all year long.

Oh, also, happy St. Patrick's Day! I don't even have anything green on. How's that for lame?

What items do you consider to be seasonless? 

casual weekend look

double denim graphic tee outfit

layered denim for a casual weekend look

Chambray shirt: Madewell / graphic tee: J.Crew Factory / dark skinny jeans: Gap / bracelet: Nickel and Suede / red shoes: Toms

Also, speaking of transitioning to spring, Anne of In Residence and I are teaming up next month for a spring style linkup. We would love for you to join us every Tuesday in April and link up a spring style post!

From the archives: 

Plaid Dress, from Winter to Spring

Ready or not, Internet, my ghostly-white gams have emerged from their winter hibernation! I'm still in that state of in-between wondering if spring will stick around or if I should leave out my cold weather clothes just in case. The fact that I haven't yet organized my closet for spring makes my decision easy; for now I'm wearing the winter clothes because that's what I have. Laziness, proud sponsor of decision making everywhere.

While I think about spring, and think about hauling spring clothes upstairs, and think about a few things I need to purchase, I'll be giving the winter items in my closet one last hurrah. This plaid dress, for example, will be going into storage soon, so I'd like to at least get one more wear out of it. With a denim jacket, belt, and bare legs, it's able to make the transition to warmer weather.

Are you doing any wardrobe transitioning yet? 

Denim jacket: Gap / plaid dress: Gap / earrings: Etsy / belt: Target / taupe ankle boots: Crown Vintage via DSW

Plaid Dress, Other Ways

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From the archives: 

Weekly Eats: Adaptable Dinners

When I bake, I'm a recipe-follower all the way. Baking is such a science; you can't just throw in a little of this and a little of that and hope for the best. However, when I'm cooking dinner, I like recipes that are flexible and let me change them up to suit our tastes and needs. Our meals this week thankfully proved to be both adaptable and delicious.

Clockwise from top right: 

1. Baked ravioli from Martha Stewart with roasted asparagus. This has become a household favorite, and it's a great meal for busy nights when you don't want to spend much time on dinner. (There's wait time while it bakes, but not a lot of hands-on time.) It's plenty hearty without meat, but this week I used meat sauce rather than just tomato sauce. I needed some meat sauce for the lasagna-stuffed spaghetti squash, so I just made a double batch. Baked pasta is always comforting. 

2. Spicy Thai Curry Noodle Soup from Heather Christo. I love making (and ordering) Thai food, but I've never made a Thai soup before. However, this was a bit different from the original. For one, Aaron went to the store and couldn't find red curry paste, so he bought red chili paste instead. I added a little curry powder, but I imagine it was a little less curry-y than it should have been. I also used angel hair pasta for the rice noodles, and I added some cooked chicken as well. Regardless of the changes, it turned out really good! The coconut milk-chicken broth combination made for a flavorful soup base. 

3. Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Bowls from Sweet Remedy. We've had these before, and YUM. I never thought I would like a meal that took out the pasta and added a vegetable, but this is delicious. The recipe calls for ground turkey, which is delicious I'm sure, but I used ground beef since that's what I had. I love my pasta and can't live without it, but from time to time spaghetti squash is a nice change-up. 

What's for dinner tonight? 

From the archives: 

Spring Wardrobe Wishes

Over the weekend the temperature hit 60, and now my spring fever is official. I haven't done much spring-wardrobe planning just yet (it's been too cold before now!) but there are a few things that have been on my radar. Here's what I've been wish-listing lately.

Clockwise from top left: 

1. Striped dress. My beloved striped dress of years past is in need of a replacement. I may not be ready to part with it just yet, but I think I need to give it a break. I'd love a lightweight version like this Steven Alan one that looks equally ready for some layers or simply a bright pair of sandals. 

2. Distressed jeans. Call me crazy, but I'm considering giving my much-loved boyfriend jeans an update. Right now I'm craving a pair that's a little less distressed and a little slimmer in fit. I love this pair from Loft

3. Print top. Spring makes me want to add both bright color and more prints to my life. This top, which has a little of both, is just what I had in mind. 

4. White sneakers. The other day I found a pair of Tory Burch perforated leather sneakers that I fell for, and I've been determined ever since to find a budget pair. This slip-on pair from Steve Madden may be a little different, but I think they would still scratch the itch. 

5. Bright, light cardigan. Lightweight cardigans are a must for spring, and I'm really craving some color. I love this pretty coral one from Madewell

What's on your spring wishlist? 

From the archives: 

Shea Lennon: Past, Present, Future.

This month's topic for The Circle is the story behind your blog and blog name. Although I've mentioned a little bit about this before, I've never written a post about it. Here's my story. 


I started this blog (formerly titled Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique) in 2009 after I became completely obsessed with reading style blogs. I was also at a point in my life in which I felt lost when it came to finding a career; I was pursuing teaching but still felt like there was something missing from my life. I decided to start a blog that focused on both style and food, because those are two things I've always been passionate about. I've also always loved writing, so a blog seemed like the best way to combine these passions.

First outfit photo! ( eyes.)

When I came up with the original name, Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique, I wanted to convey my love for style, food, and all things French. It was a play on the expression "bon chic bon genre," or BCBG, which usually refers to preppy, "yuppie" style. I wanted my (made up and grammatically questionable) title to mean "good style, good appetite". However, as you can imagine, typing "bon chic bon gastronomique" got quite old.

A favorite look from the archives. 


September of last year I decided to rebrand my blog and change the name to Shea Lennon. I wanted a cleaner look with a simpler name that would always be a reflection of me. Since Shea is my first name and Lennon is my middle name (I come from a family of Beatles fans), I can't imagine any title that would be more "me." During my first few years of blogging, I focused mostly on style and a little on food, but as my life has evolved, so has this blog. While I still blog about both of those things, I also like to share other elements of my life, like motherhood, home projects, and books I've read. My blog name now allows me to continue this evolution.


I feel like I can't talk about my blog's past without thinking about where I want to go. I've spent some time lately thinking about the mission, vision, and goals for Shea Lennon.

VISION: to be an ambassador for the busy, budget-minded woman.

MISSION: I believe that the good life is attainable for all. I share my personal style, kitchen creations, and everyday life to inspire women to discover their own good life.

GOALS: My brain is buzzing constantly with all the things I want for this little space of mine. A few goals at the top of my list:

  • Collaborate more. There are so many bloggers and brands that I'd love to work with. Put myself out there. 
  • Be (more) involved in my community. I've said it before, but Kansas City, and its blogging scene, ROCKS. While in-person networking isn't my strong suit, again, I need to put myself (my live, real, homebody self) out there. 
  • Turn blog life into real life. By that, I mean that I'd like to use this space as a jumping off point to find a career that I love. Sure, I'd love to turn this into a full-time gig, but I'm not sure how I could (realistically) make that work. However, what I've discovered since getting back into blogging over the last couple of years is that I love to write. I need to write. Eventually, I want to turn writing from a hobby into something that pays the bills.

Linking to The Circle at In its Time.

From the archives: 

Blazer, Stripes, and Bare Ankles

I have high hopes that you'll be seeing a lot more of my ankles from here on out. Because bare ankles = warm weather, for me at least. I do like to take a break from the boots, but I have a hard time giving up socks when it's cold out. Even if the rest of me is covered, if my feet are cold, I just can't get warm. When I can go sock free and roll up the jeans, now that's a really nice day! (It's the little things... )

Like last week's striped shirt look, this is another look that is so simple, but that I always feel good in. I love the mix of the structured blazer with the cuffed jeans, and the stripes/leopard combo is one of my favorite pattern mixes.

What's your favorite way to wear stripes? 

Camel blazer: Target / gray stripe top: J.Crew Factory / jeans: Gap / necklace: MODE / leopard flats: Dr. Scholl's

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Adding Color with Accessories and #SCAD

I've reached that point in this capsule wardrobe that I'm feeling SO DONE with these winter clothes. Yes, I was all about the neutrals in January and February, but all I can think about now is Spring! and Colors! and Warm! All the blacks and grays and navys are bringing me down. I've heard of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), but is there such a thing as SCAD (seasonal clothing affective disorder)? My winter clothes are making me gloomy. I think it would be a little presumptuous, however, to put them all away this soon. I imagine winter won't leave us without some sort of last hoorah.

Since I won't be pulling out my floral prints and sandals just yet, I'm going to have to rely on colorful accessories to help keep me from going mad from SCAD. It just so happens that I have a new necklace that's perfect for cheering up my winter clothes. This gorgeous turquoise necklace was made right here in KC by the fabulous Ngan of eNVe Designs. I'm all about this color right now, and I love that this is a unique necklace for all seasons.

How are you adding spring to your closet? 

Leopard blouse: Loft / black pants: Old Navy / turquoise necklace: c/o eNVe Designs / polka dot flats: Madewell

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Other ways I've worn black skinny pants: 

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Weekly Eats: Classics, Shaken Up

I love trying new recipes, and I also love reliable, classic dishes. This week's meals were a mix of the two. One was a new spin on a traditional French dip sandwich, made with pork. Another was a new recipe for one of my favorites, pasta with vodka sauce. Finally, I tried some oven "fried" chicken with a new twist: a mix of pretzel crisp crumbs and bacon took the place of the traditional bread crumbs.

Clockwise from top right: 

1. Pork Tenderloin French Dips from Pass the Sushi. Yes, another pork tenderloin recipe. They were on sale again, what can I say? The pork tenderloin is seasoned simply, roasted in the oven, and then dipped in an orange- and garlic-infused broth before going on a sandwich. I liked the flavor of the pork, but I felt like the sandwich itself needed something. Maybe it's because I've grown accustomed to sandwiches with lots of fillings and spreads, I don't know. 

2. Pasta with Vodka Sauce from Dearest Love. I haven't met a pasta with vodka sauce that I haven't liked, so I happily tried Jenna's version. I made a few changes; I had no spicy sausage so I spiced up some ground beef instead. I also cut back on the vodka, since I gave Jona some of the pasta to (not) eat. This was a good one; it felt like a little mid-week indulgence. 

3. Bacon Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken from Oh Sweet Basil. It's kind of funny looking, but when you top chicken with a combination of smoky bacon and salty pretzel chips, how can it be bad? I love oven "fried" chicken recipes, and this was a fun take on that. Yum! 

What's your favorite way to re-do a classic?  

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Reluctant Layering

As much as I'd love to be pulling out my light jackets and sandals right about now, I'm glad that I planned my Winter Capsule to go through the end of March. I may not want to still be bundled up in thick sweaters, tights, and boots, but frostbite isn't a good look either. My (glove-covered) fingers are crossed that it will be warm enough to shed some of these layers soon.

This burgundy-navy color combination is one of my favorites right now. I'm so glad I added this sweater to my wardrobe this year; it pairs perfectly with navy blue and all the other neutrals I have going on this winter. Plus it's incredibly warm and cozy.

Burgundy sweater: Gap / navy blue skirt: J.Crew Factory / navy print scarf: Old Navy / brown riding boots: Mia

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