Goals for February (and January Goal Review)

To hold myself accountable for my monthly goals, I'm going to start sharing them monthly here on the blog. I'll review the previous month's goals and what I accomplished, then share my list of current goals for the month. 

January Goals: 


1. Clear out file box. Our household files (bills, important paperwork, etc.) are located in our basement, so instead of filing everything right away, we put our papers in a box and then file every week month year. It was a big job (since we waited so long) but we got it done! 

2. Get 3-4 more plastic storage bins for basement. We had clothes that Jona had outgrown, toys that he had either outgrown or that we're rotating out, and baby feeding supplies (bottles, etc.) that needed to be packed up and put away. 

3. Buy and hang shelf in dining room. This one didn't get done simply because it got kicked out of the budget. We're working hard to save money this year, and this wasn't at the top of the list this month. I'm hoping to make it to Ikea next month and find an inexpensive option, so I can cross this off the list. 


1. Update blog pages. I've needed to do this for some time now; my About Me page and Daily Reads page were both very much in need of an update. 

2. Create a schedule/routine for Social Media. This seems simple enough, but I'm so erratic when it comes to posting and sharing on Instagram and Pinterest, and pretty much nonexistent when it comes to Twitter. 


1. Buy red lipstick. Done, as seen here. I've only worn it once, but I think I'll get braver and pull it out more often. I'd like it to become just another accessory option. 

2. Buy photo album and print monthly photos. I purchased a small Project Life notebook and just finished printing January's photos. The next step is put the photos IN the notebook. Post on that to come...

I think I did pretty good for my first month!

February Goals:


1. Buy and hang shelf (I like this one) for dining room.

2. Organize and clear out cabinet under kitchen sink. Total disaster area....


1. Order new blog business cards. My cards still have my old name (Bon Chic Bon Gastronomique) and url. These from Minted are cute.

2. Create a schedule/routine for social media.

Fun / Family: 

1. Fill album with January pictures and details, and print February's pictures at the end of the month.

2. Try a new recipe for Jona. I just checked out Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld and I'm hoping I can find a couple more sneaky veggie snacks to try.

3. Read more than two books. I mentioned last month that I didn't spend as much time reading as I'd like, so I hope to do more of that this month.

What are your goals for February? 


  1. I just love goals but need to write some down and even on designated days. For example today I have to make important phone calls. I hate being on the phone but I know these have to get done. Thanks for coming by my blog and for your coment. I hope you are able to get this months goals done. Rachel

  2. These are all great goals! I need to work on organizing and cleaning up at home, that is pretty much my number one February goal. And getting back into reading, I've been pretty lazy with that lately!!

  3. This is such a good idea--to write out your goals. You're being so honest too. Yay for the red lipstick. Good job on printing out the photos. This reminds me that I still need to update the 2nd Birthday Party page in my daughter's book--my daugher turned two in October :(. I may have to check out that Deceptively Delicious cookbook as well.

  4. You are rocking the goals, lady! :)
    Mine for February include: a closet clean-out of winter stuff I don't wear/need anymore in prep for putting those items away and bringing out the spring stuff (hopefully sooner rather than later!), and engaging more with other blogs on social media. :)


  5. Thanks Rachel! I'm the same way--I have to designate "chores" for my days too or I just won't get them done (like calling people...I hate that too).

  6. Thanks Beth! Ugh yes, cleaning and organizing are constantly my home-goals too, I feel like it's an endless job!

  7. Thanks Ashley! Closet-cleanouts are always good, and my fingers are crossed that the spring stuff will come out sooner too!
    I'm going to have to add engaging w/ other blogs on social media to my list too--that's such a great goal for February!

  8. Thanks Megan! I'm hoping that by writing them out and honestly assessing what I do/don't do that I'll be more motivated to get more done. I'll let you know if I have any luck with the cookbook--I haven't tried any recipes yet but hopefully soon!

  9. Thank you!! I hope you're right...I need to get on it though since February is so dang short!

  10. You did AWESOME in January. Good job! I am sure you will work just as hard and rock out your February goals, as well. Good luck!

  11. Wow, you really did great with the January list - especially because some of those are totally not fun things (filing!), so good for you on crossing them off the list. I should take some inspiration from your blog goals and do some of the same around here - some of my pages really need updating too, and I've never had business cards but it sounds fun :) I don't do that much social media for blogs but do a bunch for work and I use Hootsuite to schedule all the stuff in one spot. You might check out something like that to help get organized...

  12. Thanks Anne! I'm trying to do a mix of fun + not fun goals each month so I'm not dreading everything I have to do. I've been to a couple of blog meetups in the past few months and kept wishing I had a business card to give out (I actually have old ones with my old url). And thanks for the Hootsuite tip--I've used that before, but it's been a long time.

  13. I think writing out your goals like this is a great way to keep them in mind and get them done. Seems like you had a very productive january!

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. You did are amazing job knocking out your goals!! Nice work! I need to start making lists like this. I'm sure I would be more productive!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  15. What a great January you had! This is such a great idea how to keep up with goals.




  16. good for you for what you got accomplished! and still proud of you wearing that red!!


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