Introducing...Winter Capsule 2015

Like I mentioned yesterday, my first project of 2015 was putting together my winter capsule wardrobe, which will last me through March. I had such a positive experience with a capsule wardrobe this fall, it was a no-brainer for me to create a winter capsule as well. I'm really striving to simplify and streamline my life as much as possible so I don't feel overloaded, and therefore over-stressed. Having a pared-down wardrobe fits right in with that concept.

Choosing the pieces for this capsule was both easier and harder than when I created my fall capsule. It was easier because I had a better sense of what styles are "me" and what I know I'll wear again and again and not get bored with. However, it was harder because of time. Theoretically I had all of December to plot and plan, but the reality is that I tend to procrastinate. And also, December = Christmas, so there's that too. So I planned, shopped, and organized everything during the last week of December.  

Loft / Target
Target / Loft / Loft Outlet
Talbots / Loft
Total count: 7 (I may add a quilted puffer vest if I can find the right one, to make it 8)

eShakti / Ann Taylor Factory
Gap / J.Crew / J.Crew Factory / Loft
Total count: 6 

Loft / Loft / Ann Taylor Factory
J.Crew / J.Crew Factory / Madewell
Gap Outlet / Gap
Target / J.Crew Factory / J.Crew Factory
Gap / J.Crew Factory / J.Crew Factory
Total count: 14

Gap / Gap / Gap
Gap / Old Navy / Gap
Total Count: 6

Mia / Nine West / Franco Sarto
Crown Vintage / Target
Toms / Crown Vintage / Dr. Scholl's
Total Count: 8

Total count for all items: 41

I'm linking up with In Residence and Just Jacq for the Winter Wardrobe Capsule Showcase


  1. I'm always so impressed by everyone's capsule wardrobes! I should really try to do one at some point here!

  2. Thanks! I really am surprised with how much I like doing it. Hopefully this season is no different!

  3. You're off to a solid start- lots of pieces totally game for some mix 'n match, remix action. :)

    Seriously SO COLD in KC right now. The high is like 8 tomorrow- I GIVE UP.


  4. Oh, this is going to be good! Love your dresses, jackets, and all the shirt patterns you've got going on. I agree exactly about how it was easier and harder to do this one, but we know now it'll be worth it :)

  5. Thanks! Yes, I agree that it will totally be worth it. I hope that with each season/capsule, it will get better and better.

  6. Once I get a "real" job I want to do one of these. Unfortunately my work uniform is all black so it wouldn't be as fun right now.

  7. Yeah I don't blame you for not wanting to restrict your non-work wardrobe if your work wardrobe is already restricted to just one color :) I guess you already are doing an all-black capsule for work!

  8. So happy you're including those Nine West pink pumps and the leopard flats. Those are two of my favorites. I love that Loft dress you picked up. Can't wait to see how you style it.

  9. Thanks Megan! I love those too and I'm hoping there will be a few days that I can bare my ankles and wear them (other than with tights of course)!
    And the Loft dress is one I'm still on the fence about, just because it's pretty thick and not very layer-able. But I do really like it.

  10. I LOVE those pink pump! This makes me think berry shoes or a berry colored purse are in my future!

  11. I'm slowly working on that as well. I try bit by bit clean out my wardrobe and think what I need not what I want. It's just makes life easy, saves money and as silly maybe it sounds it makes me feel better. Not so overwhelmed by things. I would need one more cardigan, because after cleaning wardrobe I was left with none and before Christmas I bought white, so maybe grey would be good. JYou have such a great selection.

  12. You have a great wardrobe! I should organize mine a little myself :)



  13. Love your color choices - my color palette is pretty similar. Also I see you have a pair of Pixie Pants. I LOVE Mine!

  14. Thanks!! I have so many neutrals in my closet that sometimes I just need to wear pink shoes!

  15. Thanks Ramona! No, it doesn't sound silly at all--that's exactly how I feel too. I just needed to clear out all the STUFF--it was starting to stress me out! It's quite a process though, clearing it all out. :)

  16. Thanks Patricia! Mine was a MESS before I started doing this, and now I love the organization :)

  17. Thanks--I tried to add some color to keep me from getting too gray. I need a little color to cheer me up this time of year! And yay for the Pixie pants!

  18. Awesome. I have done a remix before... but it was pretty hard for me. It did give me some good ideas though. I would like to try another one this year. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  19. Thanks :) I think it can be hard too, but for some reason the whole capsule thing really "stuck" for me. But I try to give myself some flexibility so I don't feel too limited.

  20. Oooh, that Loft dress is so cute, Shea! I'm really excited to see how you mix and match your items over the next few months! :)

  21. Thanks Brynn!! I'm pretty excited to get to mixing and matching too! I went a little neutral crazy again so I'm hoping I have enough pops of color to keep things interesting :)

  22. As always I'm in love with your shoes!


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