Goals for 2015

Like many of you I'm sure, I've been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in 2015. I have many goals for the coming year, and to help keep myself accountable I thought I would share a few of them with you. 

Home goals: 

1. Save money and prep our current house for selling. We'd love to move in the next year or two into a house with more space. When we bought our current house we knew all along it would be a "starter" house, but we're ready to find something we can stay in for a good long time. 

2. Decorate our house with artwork and current pictures of Jona. I'm not much of a decorator. Our big project last year was painting the walls, but we didn't do much after that. Currently adorning those walls are pictures of Jona as a newborn. We need an update. 

3. Complete one DIY/organization/deep-clean project every month. This sounds pretty easy in theory, but following through on home-related tasks is not one of my strengths. 

Blog goals: 

1. Order new business cards. I've been needing to do this since I rebranded my blog in September and changed the name to Shea Lennon. 

2. Create a schedule or routine for sharing blog posts using social media. I'm terrible about doing this consistently. I think I just need to make it a habit. 

3. Create an area in my house with good lighting for doing food (and other non-style) photos. Also purchase a few "props" and pretty plates and platters to make the photos more interesting. 

4. Take a photography class (online or live) and improve my photography skills. 

Fun goals: 

1. Wear lipstick. I'd love to find a few bold colors that I feel comfortable in and wear them on a regular basis. I love how it instantly adds polish to a look. 

2. Do more crafts (I'd like to say one per month...we'll see). I bought a "craft a day" calendar (I couldn't find The Chew at the stores I went to two days before New Year's Day...imagine that.) so I'm hoping it inspires me to make some stuff. Not that I don't have plenty of DIY ideas on my Pinterest boards too. 

3. Take advantage of the free (or cheap) kid-friendly activities in the Kansas City area. I'm a creature of habit, and lately my habit has been to be a total homebody. When weather permits, I'd like to have more weekends in which the major destination is somewhere other than Target. 

What are your goals for 2015


  1. These are great goals! I'm aiming to get out for some more kid activities too, and I definitely need to get on the finding a good spot for taking food/DIY photos in my house - I've seen tutorials for building a cardboard lightbox, and I think that would be a big help. Maybe a pin to present project in the near future :) Excited to see what crafts are in your future - and what lipstick! I was good about pulling mine out for holiday parties and need to just keep on doing it. Happy 2015!

  2. Thanks Anne! Ooh the cardboard lightbox sounds like a great idea, I'd love to see it if you do that. There's nothing I can do about light right now when it's dark when I leave in the morning/get home at night, but having a designated "good lighting" spot that's somewhat set-up would be helpful on the weekends and when daylight comes back in the evening :) Anything to give the illusion that I know what I'm doing, haha.

  3. Wonderful goals! I am hoping to do more kid activities too, my son needs to socialize! I am also hoping to improve my photography and to get back into working out.

  4. Thanks Beth! Getting back into working out is a good one...I really need to do that too. We'll see though, it's never really been something I've been good at sticking with.

  5. Wishing you luck with all of your goals. I hope you have a wonderful 2015!

  6. Let me know what online photography class you find! I would love to take one, my skills are subpar!

  7. Mine are too! I've seen one offered on A Beautiful Mess, that's the one I was thinking about doing one of these days.

  8. I hope your goals will come true and even more wonderful things will happen with you this year. Wishing you a happy New Year!


  9. Thanks Ramona!! I hope your New Year has started off well too!!

  10. I think those are some great goals to start the year off with! I agree with wearing more lipstick and being more consistent with social media. It's always the first thing to go to the bottom of my to-do list.

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. I'm right there with you with number one. It's operation staging at our house right now. Happy new year!

  12. Me too--I'm terrible about doing posting to twitter/instagram consistently...it's so random for me. I need to make it a habit!

  13. Thanks Kristin!! Good luck with the staging & selling! We still have a ways to go before we get to that point but hopefully we'll get there.

  14. Target is a great destination though... :) haha I like your goals for the year. The Chew has a calendar.... ?! I am still working on my goals... really not sure what I want to accomplish this year. XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  15. Yes we frequent Target...it's a favorite destination :) And yes, I found their calendar online but wasn't able to find it in stores--Love that show!

  16. We get starbucks from the one in Lawrence and then do laps around the store... it's like a date night... haha That sounds awesome! I love it too, but I am always at work when it is on. It's funny and I love cooking. I just got one of the cookbooks I am excited to try it out. I love Daphne Oz's so far :) XO


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