My Picks: 2015 Planners

I'm a fan of the digital age. I love my iPhone, I dig my laptop, I write a blog for crying out loud. I even use Google and Outlook calendars for blogging and work, respectively. However, for my daily to-do lists and weekly agendas, I just can't go for that (no can do). I'm a paper planner lover through and through, and I look forward to choosing one every year.

Here are 5 of my 2015 paper planner picks. I'm a little sad that I can't order all of these, but I did end up choosing just one.

Clockwise from top left: 

1. A Beautiful Mess. I've been a long-time reader of A Beautiful Mess blog, and I've rooted for them in all their creative successes. Their newly opened products shop is bound to be just as successful as everything else they've done. Their 2015 planners look like the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing and practical. 

2. May Designs. May designs Weekly Agenda in Watercolor Painted Garden was this year's planner winner! I love that her designs are customizable, and that she has so many options for what type of planner to choose. Her Weekly Agenda is just what I'm looking for right now, with days on one side and other things to remember each week on the opposite side.

3. Franklin Planner. In college, one of my roommates introduced me to Franklin Covey planners. I'm pretty sure my Type A soul wept for joy upon seeing all the binders, tabs, and interchangeable pages. I loyally refilled my compact-sized planner with daily sheets for years. It was the perfect planner for me as a student, because I had room to write daily assignments and other notes each day. I still love their designs, but over the past few years I've preferred something a little simpler. 

4. Plum Paper Designs. I bought a Plum Paper planner in 2013, and I really liked it. There are several different styles of weekly spreads, and I chose the one that separated the day into morning, afternoon and evening sections. I also love all of the pretty, colorful covers to choose from. I like to change up my planner from year to year, but this is one I'd order again. 

5. Erin Condren Life Planner. This is the planner I'm currently using for 2014. I love her bright, colorful designs and the layout of the weeks and months. I like this planner and it's served me well this year. It's a little more costly, relatively speaking, but it comes with lots of extras like stickers, gift labels, and a zippered pocket.

Do you use a paper planner? Please indulge my obsession and tell me more about what you use (paper or digital)!


  1. Yet another thing we have in common! I'm a huge paper planner person still! I love all the digital technology too but I just need to write stuff down! I have a small one in my purse and a bigger one on my desk at work usually. My 2014 one was so boring, I bought it when I went back from maternity leave and they didn't have a lot left out at that time since it was already February. This year I want a fun one and all the ones you listed up there look great, now to decide which one I want most!

  2. Yes I HAVE to write it down...glad I'm not the only one there!! Yes, you deserve a fun one this year--no one wants a boring planner haha :) Let me know what you get, I'm always wanting new planner ideas!!

  3. I heart pretty planners like this but am so bad at actually using them so I don't let myself purchase any more... These are all soooo tempting though.

  4. I understand that. I still use a paper planner, but I don't use it for everything like I used to. I think that's why I keep going simpler and simpler as far as the style goes.

  5. I use paper planer. Mine is from Filofax. It's small, that it can fit in my handbags, and yet there's wonderfully organized. It's very good quality, I was afraid that after couple month my canvas covers will be looking very sad, but even after year they look just perfect.
    This is wonderful post and great selection.

  6. Thanks Ramona! I'm hoping the one I get this year will be small enough to take with me in my handbag too--I think that will be really handy!

  7. i love a paper planner. just works for me better.

  8. Me too. Something about physically writing it down.


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