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Ready or not, December is here. In my usual fashion, I'm running behind on all my Christmas planning, shopping and decorating. When it comes to holiday eating and listening to Christmas music though, I'm well ahead of schedule. Joining in with Anne and Jenna's linkup, here are a few things I'm currently up to. 

Making: I wish I could say I'm in the midst of making awesome DIY gifts (maybe someday I'll get it together in time to do that... ) but I'm still in the planning stages of Christmas. So I'm making my lists and checking them twice. Who do I still need to buy for? What is our budget? Do I have any ideas? I feel like the checking off would go much more quickly with this cute dotted notebook from Kate Spade. 

Listening: There are 2 local radio stations that have been playing Christmas music since Thanksgiving, and since then my commute has been a little merrier. A few songs that I've been looking forward to hearing lately are Celebrate Me Home by Kenny Loggins, Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy by Bing Crosby and David Bowie, and White Christmas by Bing Crosby. I love the whistling in that one; Aaron laughs at me as I try (and fail) to whistle along. 

Wrapping: You might guess that I'm not wrapping any gifts yet, and you'd be right. Instead I'm wrapping colorful, cozy scarves around my neck. I love a scarf all year long, but right now I'm grabbing my softest, warmest ones and bundling up. 

Reading: (I swapped out "watching" since I'm not really watching much right now.) I found a list of Christmas books for children from the blog Everyday Reading that I pinned last year and requested several from my library. Many are too long for Jona's (very limited) attention span, but I enjoy reading them nonetheless. Right now we're reading Dream Snow and Little Santa. I can't wait until he's old enough to really enjoy books.  

Anticipating: I'm looking forward to getting my house ready for Christmas this weekend. We're planning to get a real tree this year. We have a pre-lit one in our basement that would be the easier option, but I love the smell of a fresh tree at Christmastime. I'm excited to decorate it and get out all my other favorite decorations, like my mom's nativity set

What are you up to right now? 


  1. I like a clever answer - I'm doing a lot of that kind of wrapping too :) And getting some kiddie Christmas books from the library is a great idea! I have pretty much all of Hendrik's memorized so put new books on his Christmas list, but this would be a good thing to entertain us with in the meantime... Thanks for linking as always!

  2. I was really looking forward to fresh reading material--I've practically memorized some of Jona's favorites too. Those favorites tend to be really short though, or have flaps or mirrors or whatnot. He has trouble sitting through those ones with just words and pictures, ha! :)

  3. Oh my gosh yay for all that music! Its's weird, I haven't listened to any Christmas music yet. What is wrong with me!!?

  4. You need to get that Christmas music going girl! :)

  5. I want that Kate Spade notebook too, super cute!!

  6. I've got the christmas music on and I'm enjoying the season - it's early enough that stress and panic haven't set in. We always get a real tree, but are also the kind of last minute people who might not get it until the 15th.

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Actually, it's not a bad idea waiting on the tree. That way it stays nice and fresh for Christmas. Sometimes they dry out so fast!

  8. I love the smell of real Christmas trees, too! I hope you have fun decorating this weekend. We are decoration this coming week, and we always get a real tree! Love the smell!

    Thanks so linking up, Shea!

  9. Thanks Jenna! We just brought our tree home and it does smell SO good. Looking forward to decorating. Have fun decorating yours!


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