Polka Dot Sweatshirt: Then and Now

I can't say I accomplished much over the weekend, unless you count food as an accomplishment. We had family over for dinner yesterday, so I did a lot of cooking (that I forgot to photograph) and baking (cheesecake...I'll share more later). A weekend spent in the kitchen and at the dinner table is a weekend well spent! Luckily our house comes with built-in entertainment too: rather than the television, after dinner we sat around and watched Jona sing, crawl, climb, and laugh. Who needs TV?

Today I'm remixing this Loft polka dot sweatshirt. I wore it last April layered with some more dots and white jeans.

This weekend I also wore it with layers and some red. The weather was beautiful, so I was happy to (still) be tights free. I cried a little when I saw this week's forecast. 

Polka-dot sweatshirt: Loft (similar - with embellished neckline) / gray check shirt: J.Crew Factory (similar in black and white) / red skirt: J.Crew (similar) / brown riding boots: Mia (similar)

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  1. There was a lot of food involved in my weekend too! Best kind of weekend! I love how you mixed this shirt with the red skirt, it's super cute!

  2. Ha, we were with my whole family in Chicago and pretty much did nothing but sit around my sister's apartment and have the baby entertain us :) Sounds like a great weekend at your house too! Love the red skirt and crying about weather forecasts over here as well...

  3. Thanks Beth! Food-centered weekends are the best :)

  4. Thanks Anne! I swear, I sometimes wonder what we did before Jona! He's just so entertaining :) Fingers crossed our forecasts are wrong...

  5. I love weekends spent cooking (and eating)! And I love your red outfit. I own almost no red in my wardrobe and really need to change that!

  6. Me too, those are the best! And thanks! I didn't realize how much red I have (especially shoes...I guess I have a thing for red shoes) until I started looking at old blog posts!

  7. Food totally counts as an accomplishment, yes.
    And love both ways you wore the sweatshirt! :) Super cute!
    Stay warm today, lady- this cold front is fierce!


  8. Thanks Ashley! Yes...going outside was brutal this morning. Yuck!! You stay warm too! :)


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