Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November Capsule Roundup

It's hard to believe it's already nearing the end of the third month of having a capsule wardrobe. When I started this, I wondered if by now I'd be ready to return to a closet full of clothes or if a capsule is something I'd want to continue. Echoing what I've said the last two months, it's something I'd like to stick with, at least for now. Like I mentioned last month, I'm not going to start my winter capsule in December. Instead, I'll use next month as a time to transition my current wardrobe and also narrow down the things I'll need for January through March. I'll be using a lot of what I already have, but I'd also like to add a few more pieces, because you know how much I love a good post-Christmas sale!

Here are a few favorite looks from November, each one showcasing an element or two I love right now. Be sure to check out some more capsule wardrobe looks at In Residence and Just Jacq

Look 1: Pop of Bright Color

Look 2: Boots and Button-ups

Look 3: Cozy Layered Dresses

Look 4: Neutral Mixed Prints

 What are your favorite combinations right now? 


  1. That's awesome that you are going to stick with it. I don't know if I could do it. But of course you need to shop a few Christmas sales!

  2. Wow! I can't believe it's been three months of a capsule wardrobe for you already! That's awesome! I am very impressed with how you've been doing so far! But yes, Christmas sales will be a must, you have to reward yourself a little bit! My favorite combo right now has been colored pants, sweater and a scarf I think!

  3. Still loving that bright blazer- what a find!
    I cannot believe we're almost in DECEMBER. Where is the year going?!


  4. You did such a great job and had so many nice remixes. Your shoe collection is enviable. Glad you're going forward with the capsule wardrobe and you're smart to wait until January. I look forward to seeing those outfits as well.

  5. I wasn't sure either, but I really enjoy it (surprisingly). I just hope everyone doesn't get bored with the frequent repetition of pieces. Hopefully everyone loves remixing :)


  6. I know, 3 months, crazy!! And thanks!
    Yes, I will be ready to SHOP by the time Christmas rolls around. I may need to get another pair of colored pants too--I love them and my cropped blue pair won't really work when it's really cold.

  7. Thanks Ashley! Yes, I know...how the heck is it almost the end of the year already!?

  8. Thanks Megan! I'm glad you liked the remixes. :) I was just saying to Two Birds that I worry sometimes my wardrobe repeats/remixes will start to get boring since I'm working with a limited amount of clothing.

  9. i've been thinking about doing the capsule wardrobe - you make it look so practical and fun. probably need to start after the baby comes, but, ya know, i'm inspired. esp. with the layered dresses!

  10. I'm thinking the same thing on the winter transition... good time to transition things around and think ahead for winter. Plus while I think the planning paid off, it really was a lot of work to put together the capsule, so I'm going to need the time to figure things out here! Plus some good sale shopping :)

    Your cozy layered dress ideas are definitely an inspiration for my next go-round! Loved that post. Pop of leopard is going to stay one of my favorite combos I think, but pop of color is a good one for the dreary winter months!

  11. Thanks!! It has been pretty fun I think. You should totally join in, but I think you'll already be doing a sort of capsule wardrobe with the maternity wear no doubt! :)

  12. I totally agree, I need more time to get the next capsule ready! I feel like November has flown by.
    And thanks! I love a good pop of leopard too!

  13. i look forward to these capsule reflections! great picks!


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