Jona at 15 Months

If I had to choose one word to describe Jona right now, it would be hilarious. He is making us laugh constantly with his goofy expressions and sayings. Here are a few things he's been up to this month.

Growing: Jona had his 15 month check-up last week, and he weighed in at almost 22 pounds and measured just over 30 inches tall. Growing, but not quite as quickly as those baby days. Thankfully, he's gotten a lot of mileage out of the last round of clothes that I bought. I feel like he hardly wore so many of the things he had as a baby, he grew out of everything so fast! He's stayed pretty consistent with sizing; at 6 months he wore 6 month size, at 9 months, 9, etc. Now he's wearing 12 month or 12-18 month size; I hope he stays this predictable! (Does that give me permission to buy him a bunch of 18-24 month clothes knowing he'll likely wear them for a good 6 months? I think it does...) 

Eating: It's still a struggle lately. Unless it's peanut butter toast, squeezy yogurt pouches (so he can do it himself of course), macaroni and cheese, or fruit, he's pretty suspicious about it. Sometimes I can get him to try a bite of something by telling him to "take a bite" or "put it in your mouth (he just learned 'mouth')" and often when he tries it, he likes it. Case in point: asparagus. But his favorite thing is definitely still fruit; he can't shovel it in fast enough. 

Moving: He's still not taking any strides on his own, but he's getting a lot faster and more confident with his walker, and he's holding on to everything (walls, chairs, bookshelves) and cruising his way around the house. He still prefers crawling (with a little scooting mixed in) as his quickest means of getting somewhere. 

Playtime: Jona still loves some old favorites (stacking blocks, anything in our recycling basket, balls--which now he loves to say "ball") but he has a few new faves as well. He has nesting wooden blocks he loves to take apart and stack back together, and he also likes playing with cars. It's especially amusing to roll them across the coffee table and watch them crash to the floor. He also still loves music and singing, and we've added some Christmas music into the mix. 

Jona Funnies: Here are a few little things I want to remember about Jona at this age.
  • He learned to "roar" like a dinosaur, and now he roars when he sees his dinosaur shirt or a picture of a dinosaur. Naturally, the book Dinosaur vs. Bedtime has become a favorite. 
  • He loves to give people things. He has a little play phone and he'll hand it to us, saying "Here-go". He especially likes to hand us stuff that's frustrating him. (Can't fit the puzzle piece in? Here-go. Can't get the blocks to nest? Here-go.) He'll sometimes say thank you when you give it back. 
  • He's gotten to be quite an imitator. Once, I was getting a little weary of him putting every piece of food on his head before he put it in his mouth (where does he come up with this stuff?) and I loudly sighed and said Jona. Then he sighed and said "wuhwah". It was hard to stay frustrated after that! 
  • Similar to stuffed animals, chicken really horrifies him. When chicken is on his tray and he discovers it (sometimes after taking a bite, the horror!) he sets it down and picks it up, moving it further and further away on his tray. 
  • He loves hiding (behind his hands, a blanket, or even his hat) and if we don't notice right away and ask "Where's Jona?" he'll ask, in a muffled-hand-covered voice, "Wa-wha-wha?" and then uncover himself. Of course, he finds this hilarious (and no surprise, so do we). 
Thanks for reading! I've been doing a terrible job keeping up with Jona's baby book, so this has been a fun way for me to keep track of the things I want to remember about my sweet little boy. 

I'm taking the rest of the week off to enjoy time with my family. If you're in the US I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! 


  1. Jona is getting so big! He is just so adorable.

  2. Oh fun update! I am so glad you still post updates even now that he's over 1, it always gives me an idea of what to expect in a few months! He is so cute, I love that he says "Here-go" - that is too adorable. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  3. Thanks Beth, I'm glad that you like them. I didn't do it consistently when he was a baby but I always liked reading other baby update posts so I thought I'd do it too, even though it's a little late. Also it's partly just for my own memory keeping and for my mom who doesn't live near us. :) have a happy thanksgiving too!!

  4. Gosh he is such a cutie pie! He's getting so big!

  5. Thanks Krysten! He is growing so fast!

  6. Jona is so adorable. And living with him sounds like so much fun. This is lovely update. To be honest I don't have no idea what to expect from kids, since I never had younger siblings.

    xoxo Ramona

  7. What a handsome little dude!
    Happy Thanksgiving, doll!


  8. Thanks Ramona! I know, I was never really around many babies until I had one myself. Never a dull moment, let me tell you! :)

  9. Thanks Ashley! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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