Weekly Eats: Oldies but Goodies

Other than one "new to me" Pioneer Woman recipe, this week was all about the oldies-but-goodies. Good food never goes out of style, right? 

Clockwise from top right:

1. Pork and Pineapple Fried Rice from The Pioneer Woman. This flavorful stir-fry was the only "new" (to me) recipe I tried this week, but it wasn't much of a risk. We always love new stir-fry dishes. I love the addition of the pineapple too. I added red bell peppers and left out the peas, and I also cut up the pork chops instead of serving the pork and rice separately. (I had to cut up pork chop for Jona anyway, so I figured I may as well just chop it all up.)

2. Twist-a-ronis from Rachael Ray. I think I made these for a Superbowl party several years ago. They were a hit then, and we still like them now. I have quite an assortment of recipes involving some sort of refrigerated dough, cheese, and pepperoni. It doesn't seem to matter how you put them together, they seem to always be added to the "make again" list. Which is alright by me, since they're always quick and easy! 

3. Turkey Noodle Casserole from Rachael Ray (yes, again). Can you tell how much we love this one by the number of times it's made an appearance here? Yep, it's a household favorite. I even get excited about the leftovers of this one, that's how good it is. (Oh, by the way I don't use real Gruyere cheese--we're on a generic brand swiss budget around here folks.) 

4. Chicken Mug Pie wow, this one is also Rachael Ray. What can I say, I like her recipes. This is a fake-out chicken pot pie, with creamy chicken stew served in a mug and a biscuit on top. I made this one way back in 2004 (I try to remember to date and make comments on recipes when I try them). Only at the time I substituted corn for the peas. I'm not a pea fan. Aaron and Jona like peas though, so I took one for the team and made it with peas. I wish I could say it changed my pea-perspective, but I'm still not a fan. The chicken and sauce were great though, and I loved the biscuit on top. 

What are you having for dinner tonight?


  1. I tried 2 new recipes (plus that new hummus recipe) this week, and I'm exhausted! Haven't managed to plan anything for tonight because of it, so this is a good reminder to just head back to one of my oldies but goodies. If I can even think that hard... Yours sound good!

  2. How was the hummus? I'd like to try to make that as an app for a party soon, so thanks for sending it my way! I love trying new recipes, but you're right, it is exhausting. Things always take longer for me than I think they will too, so by the time I'm done cooking I'm tired and famished!

  3. The hummus was pretty good! Definitely better than the last recipe - the tahini helped. Also, I think letting the food processor run for a long time helps with the creaminess but I have trouble doing that as mine's so. dang. loud. Mine turned out really thick but they tell you to thin down with water at the end if needed - I'd maybe try a little extra oil next time too. Hope it works out for you!

  4. Mmm, tahini. My other problem is the food processor--mine is really small and I think it's on its last leg. I may have to try in the blender? Maybe? Would that work? I may have to do some experimenting :)

  5. I would love to do a pineapple fried rice sans pork. That is something I always love to order out but have not attempted at home!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. This one was easy to make I thought--the sauce only had a few ingredients (sometimes I feel like I'm having to clean out my fridge to make some stir-fry sauces).

  7. Maybe try half the recipe at a time in the food processor? Since the processing seems to be crucial, may work best to try smaller batches so it all fits. Otherwise maybe Target to the rescue ;-)


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